The Old and the New

I can’t believe that I have been writing my blog for FIVE years! It’s astounding the amount of changes that have happened in that amount of time.

I’ve quit my job and moved 1,000 miles to pursue my love of all things baseball and Disney. We’ve moved from a condo into a house we have built.

New website home

But the biggest visible change for you, is the total reconstruction of my website, Last week after a lot of soul-searching I decided I had to totally blow up my original site that I had built on Apples’ iWeb platform. I liked iWeb. It was incredibly easy for a noob like me to set up and run and it didn’t cost monthly fees for maintenance. Sadly, last fall Apple discontinued the program and also made it so it would not be supported on their new operating system, therefore, I could no longer update my old laptop without causing me to be unable to do anything to my website.

I contacted my hosting provider and signed up for their template service. I like it, I think the new website format is much more visually stunning and at least I can make changes and updates. The only negative was my first 9 months of my blog was accidentally erased in the move. I had been told that I could “orphan” that one page and then just add the link to that page from the new site. That wasn’t true so I lost all nine months of my blog.

I was really upset, who wouldn’t be? I lost hours and hours of work and photographs (at least as they were tied to the posts). Then I remembered, I had a copy of the original blog saved in iWeb on the laptop. Thank goodness.

I am now in the process of rebuilding and adding these original posts here.

I decided to use this to my advantage. I have reprocessed the photos and watermarked them so that hopefully, they won’t be stolen and I’ve been able to replace any dead and outdated links.

I think the thing that sticks out to me the most is the trip down memory lane. Seeing how my views have changed, how my style of blogging has changed and how the equipment I used to take photographs has so greatly improved. When I began I had this little Kodak single lens point and shoot camera that really wasn’t good for the high speed and low light action of night baseball. Photos were grainy at best and unusable over half the time. Now, I’ve moved up to a Nikon D3200 with a 200mm lens and it makes a world if difference. Even my iPhone has better resolution that that old Kodak!

So in the coming days I hope to finish recreating the old posts (there’s about 30 left, ugh) and hope to get it finished before Spring Training. New season, new website and a complete blog. That’s the goal.

I also hope you enjoy sort of a “Best of” series a look back at former Phillies like Hunter Pence, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Tuffy Gosewisch.

ARM–Another Ruben Mistake?

As someone who had faithfully followed Phillies baseball for a decade and knowing some of the players eight years, you get attached to them, invested in their progress. You watch them progress and succeed and get oh so close to catching their dream.

Two years ago, I wrote about Derrick Mitchell and how excited we were that he had gotten a chance to play with the big team ( you can read that blog HERE) and how all had hoped that at the worst, he’d end up a September call up. That didn’t happen. It didn’t happen last year either. During the off season, Derrick signed with the Braves and guess what? After being in camp a few WEEKS (he reported to the minor league camp)they have given him a shot in the big game. He pinch-ran, then hit a sac-fly RBI in the seventh. Not too bad! A mistake by Amaro.

Seth Rosin, RHP, was with us last year. He was solid but the Phillies didn’t protect him and we lost him during the Rule 5 draft. He’s now on the 25-man roster with the Dodgers. Another Ruben Mistake.

Tuffy Gosewisch was a good catcher with a lot of promise, but apparently the Phillies didn’t think so as they traded him to the Diamondbacks for a half-used stick of pine tar. Gosewisch has joined Rosin in Australia and has also made the Diamondbacks 25-man roster. Another Ruben Mistake.

What do these three guys have in common? They weren’t given a look by the Phillies and have gone on to find success with other teams. More importantly, these are the ones we can think of just off the top of our heads.

How many times can the Phillies do this? I just keep thinking, ARM, Another Ruben Mistake. Maybe Amaro forgets that three strikes and you’re out. Mitchell-Strike One, Rosin-Strike Two, Gosewisch-Strike Three—you’re outta here…well we can wisch.

(Original phot from edits are mine)>

The Phils beat the Jays

It was a great day for baseball. We spent the morning at the minor league camp. I saw my buddy who’s been working with the Lehigh Valley group…he looked really good. I have a good feeling about this season for him.

I also saw Jiwan James:


He’s a nice guy, very accessible to his fans on Twitter.

It was good to see many familiar faces back. After sitting up many a night to watch the Australian baseball championships, it was good to see their MVP Tim Kennelly.

From there it was in to Dunedin for the game versus the Jays.


Cliff Lee started and pitched the first two innings. He was lucky today, in Dunedin, the wind usually comes in off of the Gulf and will help a ball out over the fence. Today was a rare day when the breeze came from the East. It knocked down several balls that, under normal conditions, would have gone out.

It was a rather quiet game until the Phils opened up and scored 4 in the 4th.

After that, the air went out of the Jays.

Some Phillies highlights:

Catcher Tuffy Gosewisch picked off a Jay trying to steal second.

Gosewisch then stole second himself, showing the Jays how it’s done.


Jake “Don’t Call Me Jacob” Deikman came in and struck out 2 of the 3 batters he faced.

Hector Luna was AMAZING, fielding a hard-hit grounder and tossing the hitter out at first.

Carlos Ruiz played his first game of the season.

Freddy Galvis had a line drive hit to right to drive in a run, he’s looking strong at shortstop.

My fun crowd moment of the day:

There were a group of Canadians sitting next to us. They were a gregarious bunch and quite fun. We good naturely heckled each other throughout the game. At one point, the little old ladies in front of us were teasing one man as he got up to get a snack. One lady said, “if you’re going down, bring us something back!” he yelled back, “what ya want?” The lady replied, “whatever you’re having!”

It’s the kind of banter you see every game as people are climbing out or walking in front of others, what happened next is what made it different. The Canadian guy came back with a bucket of popcorn for the lady!

She told him she’d been kidding and offered to pay for the popcorn, but he wouldn’t hear it. “I know you were kidding, but I wanted to be nice.”

It was the kind of thing that makes baseball different. With the slower pace, you can chat with your neighbors and have a little fun without missing anything. Of course, these Canucks were in for a long day. They drank quite a few Labatts and informed us they were spending the evening at the Lightning game, who are coincidentally playing the Ottawa Senators.

The weather was perfect, the fans were fun, what more could I ask for?

Baseball is good.

Spring Training, Day 9

Michael Martinez watches batting practice

It was the last day of the Major League spring training camp. They’re looking good and I feel like this is a season of promise. (except for the lack of Howard, but I think we have some good players to take his place)

Practice was just running through a last few drills and they were done by 12/12:30.

What was cool for me was I got Scott Posednik’s autograph. I saw him in Lehigh Valley’s play off games last fall.

Then I got to talk to Tuffy Gosewisch. I told him that I had been in Reading the night he hit his grand slam. That night was really great. Ross had his flip cam running when Tuffy came up to the plate. The jerk behind us said, “Tuffy Gosewisch? With a name like that, he’d better be good!” and that’s when Tuffy hit it hard over the wall to get the grand slam. Tuffy thought that was pretty funny. If you want to read that post and see the video you can click HERE

Then I ran into Larry Andersen. I had talked to him about three weeks ago about my blog and I joked with him yesterday as to whether he had seen it. He said that he had no internet connection so he hadn’t had a chance. We got to walk quite a ways with him and he also signed a ball for me.

While there really wasn’t much to see that was different from the day before, I did have a good day. But then ANY day in the sun watching baseball is a good day, at least in my book.

Phillies’ Minor League Players Picked for International Tournament

Tuffy Gosewisch
Tuffy Gosewisch

On September 15, USA Baseball announced the 2011 World Cup/Pan Am Team. These are minor league players who are not currently on Major League Baseball 40-man rosters.

Reading’s Tuffy Gosewisch (pictured above) and the Iron Pigs’ Joe Savery (pictured below) were chosen.

Joe Savery

It is worth mentioning with Savery being promoted to the Phillies, his eligibility for the tournament is in question.

I’d also like to mention that Reading’s Chris Kissock (pictured below) and Jay Johnson, a left-handed pitcher for Lakewood were picked for Team Canada.

Chris Kissock