Phillies Trade Pitcher Chris Leroux to Toronto Blue Jays

The Philies have traded pitcher Chris Leroux to the Toronto Blue Jays for “cash considerations”. Leroux is expected to join Triple-A Buffalo. Leroux had been listed on the Phillies extended spring training roster.

Chris Leroux
Chris Leroux

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

For me, it was a pretty darn good day, for the Fighting Phils, not so much.

Let’s take this in reverse order:

The Ugly:
Seeing Kelly Dugan get plunked with the ball during his first plate appearance. It looked like it smarted and with the cold, I’m sure it stung.


The Bad:
Ethan Martin was taken out of the game with “shoulder soreness” before even getting an out. He didn’t look like he was feeling good about his shoulder.


Finally, The Good:

I’ve been collecting autographs for years and I’ve never managed to assemble an entire starting line-up. This is the closest I’ve come, I only need 3 more. Today, I got Ben Revere.

What was really cool was that when I tweeted him to thank him, he favorited my tweet!

Then, after the game, Baseball Ross, B and I went to dinner and when we returned home there was a “broken” FREDDY GALVIS bat! A neighbor of mine was able to get it and he brought it to me, knowing I’d love it. It’s awesome and my very first bat. Next week, we are going to get a case for it. I’ve never gotten to see a big league bat up close, let alone own one! It’s pretty cool and I’m lucky to have such a thoughtful neighbor.



So tomorrow is the game at Bright House against the Detroit Tigers. It’s B’s last game before returning to Pennsylvania and snow on Sunday. Tomorrow is “physicals day” for minor league players and Saturday is the first workouts.

I’m excited to see the “kids” and will be spending the majority of my time at the Carpenter Complex so if you’re there look for me.

Roy Halladay Retires…as a Blue Jay

Roy Halladay during his last appearance in Clearwater, a rehab appearance In August of 2013
Roy Halladay during his last appearance in Clearwater, a rehab appearance In August of 2013

Today, I heard the news. It was a weird feeling to me, I mean, after seeing his last appearance here in Clearwater last summer when he was rehabbing I knew the “end was near” however, what I didn’t see was a) that he would go gracefully into this goodnight and b) that he would retire as a Blue Jay. After signing a one-day contract with the Blue Jays, Roy said that he was grateful to retire as a Jay since it was their staff that helped him to develop into the pitcher he was.

Today Roy and his family appeared at the press conference held at the winter meetings in Lake Buena Vista at the Swan and Dolphin resort. He said he was looking forward to spending time with his sons who are “ready to chase their dreams”.

I respect him for leaving on his own terms. So many times you see players just keep playing until there’s nothing left. Roy chose to leave for his “quality of life” as the injury to his back would have been worsened by continuing to play.

Last time I saw Roy in a non-pitching capacity, he was here (again in August) and walking to his classic Corvette Stingray. That’s how I’ll remember him.

Roy Halladay in a rehab appearance in August 2013[/caption]




Ever have one of THOSE days?

Did you ever have one of THOSE days? You know, the kind where you had a do-over button so you could push it and go back to when you woke up and begin again? There seemed to be a lot of that going around today.

For me, it was leaving the house without my iPhone, leaving me feeling like I was missing an arm. Soon after arriving in Dunedin for the game against the Blue Jays, I tripped and wrenched my knee.

Today was also a beautiful and sunny day, but sitting in the stands, it WAS warm. However many people were not prepared for the heat, the EMTs were called to the section we were sitting in not once but twice! The second time was quite frightening as people just 5-6 rows behind us started screaming for an usher and “Medic! We need a medic!” the elderly gentleman was removed and I believe was taken to the hospital.

The funny fickle finger of fate was then pointed squarely at our beloved Phillies. After starting out with a run in the first and soon after the medic was called for the man behind us, the curse hit the Phils full force. There were errors, Wiggington seem to just stand and watch a ball go by, and the calls at the plate just didn’t go our way.

Cole Hamels started off decently, but by the fourth inning the jays were beating up on him with the jays leading 5-1.

Chad Qualls pitched an inning and 2/3 and was relieved by Jose Contrares. Here I do want to mention that Contrares’ family was sitting across the aisle from us. His little boy is so adorable. When Jose came in his boy said in a way only a child can, “that’s my dad!”

This was his first appearance this spring, sadly it showed. He gave up 4 runs before getting the hook.

Next in his infinite wisdom, Cholly brought in David “Home Run” Herndon. Herndon is an odd one. Every time we have seen him pitch, he comes in and gives up a home run, then settles in to pitch well.

By this point, if there was a mercy rule, the game would have been over.

The Phils did get another run, but did it matter? No. It was like trying to put a bandaid on a gaping zombie bite, it was just worthless.

Despite all the misfortunes, I did enjoy myself. There’s not many other places in the world I’d rather be than sitting in the Florida sun watching the Phils.