Drew Naylor pitches in extended spring training

We are a few weeks into the extended spring training and we still haven’t manage to get our hands on a schedule. It’s hit or miss as to whether we will come by the Carpenter Complex and get to catch a game.

Today, we were lucky, VERY lucky.

We got to see Aussie Drew Naylor pitch today in a rehab appearance. Drew is a good guy and sadly, after looking good at the beginning of spring training last year, he injured his elbow and had to have the dreaded “Tommy John” surgery. We saw him at the Complex right after the surgery and felt bad for the guy. It had to have been miserable. It’s nothing you ever want to undergo and it is always a long road back.

Drew Naylor

From what Ross and I could guess, it seemed that Drew was not only working on a pitch count of approximately 20-25 pitches, it also seemed that he was loosening up his arm by pitching fast balls.

Drew Naylor Pitching

Frankly, we were surprised to see him so we may have missed a few pitches at first….but boy was it good to see him back on the bump.

I hope he continues to progress and returns to regular play soon.