Life in Clearwater Part 2

Today I posted my second in a series about Life in Clearwater during Spring Training.

You can click HERE to read it!

Caledesi Island




Big News for Betsy!

I’ve got big news…In addition to this blog, I have been selected to now write for another blog, That Ball’s Outta Here.


I’m excited because with their expansive coverage it will give my writing much more exposure as well as being a different venue for my photography as well.

There are 11 of us on staff and all are as passionate about the Phillies as I am. I’m excited for this new venture.

Does this mean I won’t be writing here as well?


A lot of what I write is more fan-oriented or experience-oriented which is a different twist than most other blogs take, so Baseball Betsy is here to stay. That being said, I have made a commitment of my time to the other blog as well so I may not post as much here as I did, I will continue posting my own quirky view of minor league baseball.

HOWEVER, please head over to That Ball’s Outta Here, there are some really great writers over there and I am sure you will enjoy that as well.

So far, I have had three stories posted there…hope you like them…

Phillies Lose to University of Tampa

Week One of Spring Training in Pictures

My First Team, The 1997 Phillies