Women’s Sports Hall of Fame Coming to Sarasota!

I really enjoyed the story from our local news today, the Women’s Sports Hall of Fame is coming to Sarasota! The highlight is members of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League singing the theme song of the league.  

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ll know how much I love AAGPBL. Recently, I wrote how the AAGPBL museum is moving from California to just across the street from historic Beyer Field where the Rockford Peaches once played in Rockford, Illinois. You can read that article HERE.

Sara Jane “Salty” Sands of the Rockford Peaches

Over the years, I’ve gotten to meet many of the girls and even donned a Peaches costume for Halloween you can read at about me meeting several players and the costumes HERE.

So when I saw THIS ARTICLE about the Women’s Sports Hall of Fame and several of the former players singing, I couldn’t be more excited!  I will donate to the cause, however, I won’t be able to shell out several hundred dollars for tickets to the dinner to meet the girls. *cue sad trombone*

That being said, when the museum finally opens, I’ll be at the front of the line, with my money in hand to see some memorabilia of my heroes, the girls of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League!