Roy Halladay Gets the Call to the Hall!

I’ve been a Roy Halliday fan for a long time. He’s an easy one to like. We all know his on the field successes…but I also am a fan for his off the field activities.

He was a friend to local police. It was mentioned at his memorial that he had donated the money for the Pasco County Sheriffs office to purchase another police dog, which they named Doc after him. Doc was even at the memorial service. Halladay often donated gloves, hats, shoes and other signed memorabilia for the PAL silent auction at Spectrum Field.

I was lucky enough to get a signed, embroidered, game used Halladay glove in one of the auctions. It still bothers me to this day that I missed getting his cleats and hat that night. I also walked away with a signed commemorative plaque complete with coins and signed with PG  and the date for perfect game.

I also have a ball he signed ball he signed for me one year in spring training. I remember it well, it was one of the first balls I ever got. I waited next to the fence by the parking lot. It was later in the afternoon and there were only a few of us left waiting. Halladay went out to his car and was talking with Carlos Ruiz who was parked near him. He then noticed the group of us and came over and signed before he left. It always impressed me as he could have just gotten in his car and driven away, but instead he came back for us.

It also had impressed me what when he found out that there was a fan twitter page called “I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay” that once he retired, he made that  happen too.

Roy was one of those rare guys who you could root for both on and off the field. His stats tell you what kind of a player was, his off the field activities tell you what kind of man he was. I am glad that he got the call to the Hall of Fame. He earned and deserved it and gosh how I wish he was here to get the call himself.



Date three full squad spring training

It was another beautiful day here in Clearwater. The sun was shining, temperatures were in the mid 70s, it was a great day for baseball.

The day began with pitching drills,

Jesse Biddle shown in action, above.

One person not taking part in drills today was Aaron Altherr. He was sporting a brace on his injured right wrist. I talked to him, he said that his wrist is feeling good and seems to be on track.


Roy Halladay, guest instructor, has been making regular rounds to each of the fields to observe and offer his advice.

I also got to see Cody Asche take drills at third-base, this time from a better vantage point than in previous days. I also was able to get his autograph today on a major-league ball. As I told him when I talked to him, “I’ve been waiting a long time to give you a major-league ball to sign.” He laughed, and said, “so have I.”


But today, the highlight was getting hall of fame player Ryne Sandberg’s autograph. I was also able to get this really cool picture. If you know where to look, you can find me in the picture.


This was a great day for baseball, I had a great time, got a little sun, it just doesn’t get better than this!

Roy Halladay Retires…as a Blue Jay

Roy Halladay during his last appearance in Clearwater, a rehab appearance In August of 2013
Roy Halladay during his last appearance in Clearwater, a rehab appearance In August of 2013

Today, I heard the news. It was a weird feeling to me, I mean, after seeing his last appearance here in Clearwater last summer when he was rehabbing I knew the “end was near” however, what I didn’t see was a) that he would go gracefully into this goodnight and b) that he would retire as a Blue Jay. After signing a one-day contract with the Blue Jays, Roy said that he was grateful to retire as a Jay since it was their staff that helped him to develop into the pitcher he was.

Today Roy and his family appeared at the press conference held at the winter meetings in Lake Buena Vista at the Swan and Dolphin resort. He said he was looking forward to spending time with his sons who are “ready to chase their dreams”.

I respect him for leaving on his own terms. So many times you see players just keep playing until there’s nothing left. Roy chose to leave for his “quality of life” as the injury to his back would have been worsened by continuing to play.

Last time I saw Roy in a non-pitching capacity, he was here (again in August) and walking to his classic Corvette Stingray. That’s how I’ll remember him.

Roy Halladay in a rehab appearance in August 2013[/caption]




Roy Halladay Rehabs With the GCL Phillies

It’s a beautiful day here in Clearwater. Sun is shining, the grass is green, the orange and palm trees away, I’ve never seen such a day…Wait that’s a song!

Roy Halladay is making his first rehab appearance with the GCL Phillies. They are playing the GCL Pirates with whom they are battling for first place in their division. It’s a key game and who better to have start than your ace?




Halladay pitched 6 innings: 6 hit, 3 runs, 3 walks, and 4 strike outs giving up one home run. The GCL Phillies were down 3-2 when Halladay left the game.

Will Morris pitched two great innings, shutting down the pirates. In the bottom of the 8th H Deivi Grullon smashed a long homer to right to score 2, giving the Phils a 4-3 lead.

Ricky Bielski came in in the ninth for a 1-2-3 shutdown inning, including a strike out to seal the win.

This game was important because the GCL Phillies and Pirates are neck and neck fighting for the lead in the Northwest division and the playoff spot that comes with it.

Today’s game is key is heading to the playoffs…it put the Phillies 1/2 game ahead of the Pirates.

Tomorrow, the GCL Phillies travel to Lakeland to take on the Tigers.

Every Fifth Day is a Halladay

Today, Roy Halladay did not make the trip to Sarasota with the team, he stayed here to pitch in the AAA game against the Blue Jays.

It caused such a stir that the players from the AA game on the other field peered through the fence just to watch him warm up!


I can’t say he’s doing well so far, he’s given up 3 runs in 3 innings, 2 walks, hit a batter, we also estimate he threw about 70 pitches.


Carlos Ruiz was catching.


Delmon Young is batting every inning.


I’m enjoying myself. There’s nothing better than a day in the stands, sitting with friends and baseball. This is the life.

This was no “Halladay” for the Phillies this weekend

It was announced today that after an MRI Roy Halladay will be out 6-8 WEEKS with a strained lat muscle.

*facepalm* what will happen next?

Sadly, I think the this, along with the plethora of injuries plaguing the Phils just emphasizes the difficulty of maintaining a team of this age.

I’m afraid it will get worse and that we are starting to look into the abyss of a “lost” year. If so, what do we do? Suck it up and admit this isn’t working and deal the players we can in order to free up money and cap room to keep Hamels? Should they bring up some of the young guys and give them a shit at the big time?

I would strongly consider at least bringing some of the younger guys up and give them a shot, but knowing the way this team works, they’ll deal
away a bunch of prospects for a couple of 35 year old worn out players to drag them to the end of the season.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If this is true, Amarro might be the maddest hatter of them all.

The Pitcher With The Most Wins In The Phillies System…And His Name Isn’t Halladay

Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez

It’s the end of August and the seasons for all the teams in the Phillies’ system are winding down. It’s only natural to look at the statistics to see who’s on top.

Just looking at the number of wins for the pitchers in the Phillies’ system, guess who has the most? Lee? Halladay? Hamels?

Nope. Not a Major Leaguer. Hyatt? Biddle? Cloyd? May? Pettibone?

Nope. It’s Julio Rodriguez who’s gathered an impressive 16 wins for the Clearwater Threshers. In actuality, he leads ALL pitchers in all of the minor leagues. No other pitcher in any minor league has more than 14 wins.

Rodriguez has a record of 16-7 for the Threshers.

He was selected to the Florida State League All Star Game…which I attended.

The Threshers had six players picked for the All Star Game, Jared Cosart, Trevor May, Jonathan Pettibone, Sabastian Valle, Justin Friend and Julio Rodriguez. Even more interesting is that all of the Threshers except for Valle are pitchers.

I was fortunate enough to get everyone’s autograph except for Pettibone and Justin Friend who had been called up to Reading before the game. Julio Rodriguez’ (#26) is at the top above Trevor May’s autograph (#54)

Julio Rodriguez #26, Trevor May #54
Julio Rodriguez #26, Trevor May #54