More Phillies Minor Leaguers Released

Since there is usually no “official” announcement of players who have been released, the way we here in Clearwater find out is usually by word of mouth. Sometimes we can be at the Carpenter Complex and see players leaving or hear from others who was released. While Baseball Ross usually hear of a release in this manner, we never post about it until we can verify it from an official source like MiLB or the Phillies page.

Today, I say goodbye to my friend Harold Guererro. Guererro, a LHP was in Clearwater last year and he was always nice to me. He was released March 16.


Harold Guererro

Also released on March 16th were:

Victor Delgado (RHP Lakewood), Ryne Frankoff (LHP GCL Phillies) and Kevin Walsh (RHP GCL Phillies).
They were in addition to Art Charles, Tim Zier and Brian Pointer that I mentioned in my last post.

For anyone who follows the minor leaguers as closely as Ross and I do, “cut days” are the worst. As always, we wish them the best and hope they get to follow their dreams.


It’s So Hard, to Say Goodbye

I had the sad discovery today to find out that three players were released on March 16th.

Art Charles

Tim Zier
Tim Zier, who played 15 games with Lakewood before being injured, Art Charles who played with Reading and Brian Pointer who was with Reading last year (and was an Eastern League All-Star) were all released.

I wish them all the best and hope they get picked up real soon.

EDITED TO ADD: Before publishing, I double checked which listed all 3 players as “released” as of March 16, 2016z

Tyson Gillies Released.

I wasn’t surprised, I don’t think anyone could be. Approximately two weeks ago, the Phillies removed Tyson Gillies from the 40 man roster and he cleared waivers to remain with the IronPigs.

Baseball Ross and I got to see Tyson play his second to last game as an IronPig on Tuesday during our marathon trip north.



Tyson was acquired in the Cliff Lee trade. He was one of those players that most people either loved or hated.

I have to say that he was always nice to me. From recommending a meal at a restaurant I’d never eaten at before, to always posing for a photo he was kind to me. The interaction that sticks out to me happened last summer.

Tyson always seems to find himself in trouble and last summer he apparently had “words” with the team bus driver and was suspended and sent to Clearwater for a few days. Ross and I were leaving the Carpenter complex as he was walking in. I said hello and he came over and gave me the biggest hug. He seemed so genuinely glad that someone cared.

To be fair, Tyson has had his share of troubles, from a drug charge that was later dropped, inappropriate tweets and his recent incident of destroying a bat-rack, he also played all-out.

Tyson always played dialed to “11”, there was no half way, no pacing himself. It was why I liked to watch him. He could run so fast and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him “dog” a play. This often led to him injuring himself, pulling muscles or in one case, slamming into Jiwan James and landing himself on the DL for quite a while with a concussion.

I honestly think his “dialed to 11” temperament which made him successful also worked against him in the end. He always tried so hard and when things were not going well, it was beyond frustrating, leading to his angry outbursts. I’m no psychiatrist, but I think he just wanted to be the best.

In the end, may be parting ways with the Phillies will give him a fresh start, a new perspective, and I wish him all the best.

It’s a Sad Day, Threshers’ Fan Favorite Chad Carman Released

I was rather shocked when I read the transactions list this evening to see that Threshers catcher Chad Carman was released.

He is a solid defensive catcher who wasn’t given a chance to play in a regular rotation, though he did catch for one of Cole Hamels’ rehab appearances in Clearwater. That’s him in the picture at the top of the page.

I got to know Chad or “Charmin Carman” by his Twitter handle, last summer when he was here on rehab from the Blue Claws after breaking his thumb. He’s a sweet guy who worked hard and always took time with fans young and old.

Because he was so friendly, or “Charmin” he quickly became a favorite of Threshers fans. I hope he knows we’ll miss him. I know I’ll remain a fan no matter where he ends up.

One would suspect that he was released to make room for Andrew Knapp who’s also a catcher, however he’s returning from an injury and so far, we have not seen him catch in extended spring training. He’s been the DH, but not catcher.

Another roster move was Threshers outfielder Justin Parr, who was sent to extended spring training. He’s had a tough time at the plate this year but I’ve respected his hustle and effort.

Threshers DH Willie Carmona was also
reactivated from the “temporarily inactive” list.

Phightin’ for a place on the AAA roster, Derrick Mitchell plays hard and for others spring training with the Phillies comes to an end.

It’s coming down to the wire. There’s a lot on the line. With the end of spring training only days away there is a lot of jostling going on with the rosters, a trade and three more guys were cut today.

May be more importantly, there was a change to the rules at AAA and AA this year…the addition of a roster spot. Teams at this level can now carry 25 players instead of only 24. While this may not seem important, it is. This one position can make the difference to two guys who are sitting on the bubble. Teams generally carry the largest compliment of pitchers, so this extra spot may allow an extra position player, such as a fielder a chance to stay.

While earlier in the week Derrick Mitchell was listed on the grouping list in Group 2, which generally refers to players at AA, the last three days he has played with AAA (which is where he was playing when he was hit with the ball yesterday.)

Today, he was playing hard. He seems to have picked up his bat and went 2 for 4, (2 singles) and stole a base. A good showing. My husband Ross captured one of the solidly hit singles on video. You can see it HERE 

So his hard work is getting noticed.

On a sad note, the Phillies severed ties with four players today. As I reported earlier, Matt Rizzotti was traded to the Twins. Former BlueClaws players Bill Rice and Jeff Lanning were released. Also released was Brent Clevlen. Clevlen had experience in the Bigs, playing 59 games there. He had spent part of last year in Reading after being picked up after being released by both the Braves and the Reds.

Brent Clevlen on Harley Davidson Night in Reading in 2011

I wish all of those no longer in the organization the best of luck in all their future endeavors.