Phillies Minor League Roster Released

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I reported that much to our surprise they did not release a workgroup list this year. A workgroup list is a rough list of what teams might be as usually the players who will be on the AAA team are in group 1, AA group 2 and so on.

So today we were surprised by a “master roster” of all the players in minor league camp. There’s no “order” to it other than name or position so it’s not of much value to try to figure out where players may end up when the season begins.

So here it is:

Here’s a clickable copy that may be easier to read:


The 2017 Blue Jays Minor League Spring Training Roster

Thanks to the kindness of a friend, I was able to get my hands on a copy of the Blue Jays’ 2017 Minor League Spring Training roster. It’s interesting to note that as of today, it’s not divided into work groups as the Phillies do.  I’ll just leave this here for you…


2017 Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Spring Training Roster