Former Thresher, Matt Imhof Announces His Retirement

June 24th was a day that former Threshers pitcher Matt Imhof will never forget. That day, his life was changed forever when a piece of workout equipment at the Brevard County Manatees stadium broke and he lost his eye.

I wrote a series of articles about the horrible accident HERE, HERE and HERE.

Matt Imhof
Matt Imhof

Today, nearly 7 months after the accident, Matt announced his retirement today. Read the ESPN article HERE.

It is good that he has decided that he, “wont be defined by my worst day.” It is a positive attitude like that that will make him successful in whatever he decides to do.

To quote the hit TV series, “This is Us”. “He took the sourest lemon life has to offer and turned into something resembling lemonade.”

I’ve always liked Matt, he was always kind to me and I wish him the best in everything he does. He is a quality kid and I have a feeling he will go far.

Matt Imhof

Matt Imhoff Posts on Instagram The Details of the Freak Accident That Took His Eye.  

Last week I did two stories about the freak accident that happened after the game.

Today, Matt posted a long and detailed story about the damage caused to his face and that led to the removal of his right eye. 

You can read his post here: Matt Imhof’s Story

Matt Imhof (Photo Courtesy of Matt Imhof’s Instagram page)

As always my prayers are with him for a speedy recovery.

More details released regarding Matt Imhof’s injury

As I reported HERE, Matt Imhof was seriously injured after Saturday’s game when the “arm care” bands he was stretching with broke free of their anchor and hit him in the face.

ESPN is reporting in THIS ARTICLE what my sources told me then, that he has had one surgery on his right eye with the possibility of others in the future. 

I have since learned that he also broke his nose and he was immediately taken to one of the best eye clinics in the country located in Miami.

If you have a moment and you are the type to pray, keep Matt in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Matt Imhof injured in freak accident

I have confirmed from several team sources that reliever Matt Imhof was seriously injured after last night’s game.

I was told that Imhof was stretching using “rubber bands” that were attached to a wall/fence by a clip. Reportedly, the clip broke free and sprung back into Imhof’s face.

The extent of the injury is unknown at this time and he is currently being treated for the injury.

Baseball Ross and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Scenes from Phillies Minor League Spring Training-March 27, 2016

Now that my foot is healing, I am able to get to spring training almost every day. I feel like I am playing “catch-up” after missing so many days. There are so many players that I haven’t had a chance to see, let alone photograph.

The highlight of yesterday was being able to catch Carlos Alonso’s home run:

Carlos Alonso
Carlos Alonso
Carlos Alonso
Carlos Alonso

Ryan Howard was playing and it seemed like he was struggling at the plate, striking out all three times I saw him bat, though Baseball Ross thinks he saw him hit a double later.

Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard

Drew Stankiewicz also hit a home run.

Drew Stankiewicz
Drew Stankiewicz

Here are some other shots from the day.

Jacob Waguespack
Sam Hiciano
Matt Hockenberry
Cornelius Randolph
Venn Biter
Grenny Cumana
Alejandro Arteaga
Grenny Cumana
Jan Hernandez
Brock Stassi
Matt Imhof
Jake Thompson
Carlos Tocci
Chase Numata
Damek Tomscha
Tyler Goeddel
Matt Imhof
Jorge Alfaro
Andrew Knapp

Scenes from Phillies Minor League Spring Training-March 9

It was another beautiful day here in Clearwater. After a cold and wet winter, this warm dry March is a wonderful change. 

The one thing that I’ve noticed that’s different from last year is that the atmosphere is lighter and more positive. You see the players with smiles on their faces and a little more bounce in their steps. It seems to be almost the opposite of last season, at least, so far.

Unless you’re someone who’s unnecessarily loquacious, there’s really not a lot that you can say about watching the endless drills of the first week of spring training. So my contribution will be a series of pictures depicting today’s activities.

Jose Taveras

José Taveras tracks down the ball during PFPs-Pitcher Fielding Practice.


Zach Green

Zach Green begins to spring for the ball.


Deivi Grullon

Deivi Grullon snags the ball from the pitching machine.

Rhys Hoskins

Rhys Hoskins makes contact in batting practice.

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

Miguel Gonzalez begins long tossing before going into the bullpen.


Aaron Brown and Dylan Cozens

Aaron Brown and Dylan Cozens during base running drills.

Alberto Tirado
Alberto Tirado pantomimes a toss in PFPs.


Evan Crower
 Evan Crower was a quarterback at Stanford University who still had a year of eligibility when he was signed by the Phillies.

Derek Campbell

Derek Campbell gets ready to fire to first.

Matt Imhof

Matt Imhof smiles after a successful throw to first.

Christian Marrero

Christian Merraro is ready to fly.


Drew Stankiewicz
  Drew Stankiewicz swings for the fence.

Alexis Rivero

Alexis Rivero tracks down the ball during PFPs.

Mitch Walding

Mitch Walding throws to second. 

Jeff Singer

Newcomer Jeff Singer played last season for the Camden Riversharks. He looked sharp today.

Baseball Ross and I will be back at it tomorrow, another day in paradise.

Phillies Fall Instructional League Roster and Schedule

This just in…the Phillies Fall Instructional League roster and schedule! Scheduled to appear is the newly acquired 4 million dollar man, Jhailyn Ortiz. Please note: this is NOT the final roster there may be additions or subtractions.

Also released was the schedule…it is highly reduced from previous years. This is the final version of the schedule.


So there you go…have fun and I hope to see you there!