Ryan Howard Sells Belleair Home

Some of the most popular posts on my blog are the ones that are focused on the 39,000 square foot gulf front mansion of Ryan Howard.

Two weeks ago it was reported that Howard sold the home to a Tampa developer, Ben Mallah for $16.5 million dollars. You can read the Tampa Bay Times article HERE.

It seems like “The Big Piece” made a big chunk of change on the sale. Reports have the original cost around $3.5 million. There is no word as to where Howard has moved.

Please respect the privacy of the new owners.

You can read the original article HERE.

Easter Drinks at Ryan Howard’s Mansion

It was a very special Easter for Baseball Ross and I…we had drinks at Ryan Howard’s Mansion in Belair Beach.

We had a lovely drive over the bridge and the weather was perfect we couldn’t have asked for more.

Notice I didn’t say IN Ryan Howard’s house, just at the house.

April Fools!

Atlanta Braves Sign Big Piece Ryan Howard to Minor League Deal! 

MLB reports that the Atlanta Braves have signed former Phillies’ 1B Ryan Howard to a contract!

The report states that Howard will report to Braves’ extended spring training in Kissamee then to AAA Gwinnett in Georgia.

Guess those $80k in doorknobs won’t pay for themselves! If you want to see the nicest house of any minor league player, you can see my article HERE! (Complete with video!)

Ryan Howard in Trouble for Illegal Fence at Mansion

Just a few weeks ago, I did a video and blog on the completion of Ryan Howard’s mega-mansion in Belleair Shores, Florida. You can read the blog HERE and see the video HERE.

In a Philly.com article today, Jonathan Tannewald recounts how the Howards are in trouble with the Belleair Shores mayor for an illegal construction fence. (You can read the article HERE.)  In fact, in my video, I remarked on how the construction fence remained in place even after the construction has been completed.  You can see the chainlink fence that is in disrepair with green canvas that is falling off and unsightly in the pictures below:

Ryan Howard's Illegal Fence, the green canvas can be seen at the left of the picture where is it torn and falling off.
Ryan Howard’s Illegal Fence, the green canvas can be seen at the left of the picture where is it torn and falling off.

Ryan Howard’s Illegal fence is in disrepair and still has the “Danger Construction Site” sign

Baseball Ross and I traveled to Howard’s home, just a few miles from Clearwater to take pictures, but unlike the fans recounted in the article, we stayed at a respectful distance on the beach and on the public sidewalk on the street side.

As I mentioned in the in my blog, there is NO on-street parking in Belleaire Shores, yet the day we were there (after parking half a mile away in the ONLY PUBLIC parking lot in Belleaire Shores) we saw two cars parked on a side street across from the manse and one brazen jerk who parked IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD to take pictures. So when the article recounts large numbers of trespassers, I wouldn’t doubt it.

I understand their need for privacy, so let’s just hope that the Howards and the mayor can come to some sort of understanding.

A Visit to Ryan Howard’s Mansion

Ryan Howard's Recently Completed Mansion in Belleair Beach Florids Ryan Howard’s Recently Completed Mansion in Belleair Beach Florida

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you will know I’ve made several visits over the years to check on the progress and eventual completion of Ryan Howard’s mega-mansion that includes two pools, 2 elevators, a lazy river, a bowling alley and much, much more.

You can read my previous blogs (in order) HERE, HERE and HERE.

Today was a perfect day for a walk on a public beach. Yes, Howard’s house is on a public beach so you can walk by and take a look at his lazy river and pool. The house is located at 1700 Gulf Boulevard in Belleair Beach, Florida. Please note there is NO public parking on the streets of Belleair Beach and the closest PUBLIC parking lot is a half mile away. The beach access two lots down from Howard’s home is for Belleair Beach residents only by permit. Do not park there unless you want your car towed.

Half a mile north of his home is Morgan Park, located at 2650 Gulf Boulevard. This is Belleair Beach’s ONLY public parking beach access. It is right on the beach and is a PAID lot. The park is hard to find and this is the only marker.

Morgan Park 2650 Gulf Boulevard Morgan Park 2650 Gulf Boulevard

There are bathrooms, outdoor showers and a small shelter. There are no drinking fountains. Be aware it is a very small lot.

Ross and I put together a video with many shots of the house and surrounding area. You can watch it HERE.

Hope you enjoy the video.

UPDATE: Ryan Howard has sold the home, you can read my blog about it HERE.