More Phillies Minor Leaguers Released-Including One of Our “Baseball Sons”

This is the part I hate about spring training, the cuts.  It’s especially tough when you know the guys like Baseball Ross and I do. Some of this week’s cuts, come close to home, as we have known some of these guys for years and one is one of our “baseball sons”.

The first was pitcher Lino Martinez.

Lino Martinez, photo courtesy of
Lino Martinez, photo courtesy of

Then my friend, catcher Jesus Posso

Jesus Posso, photo courtesy of
Jesus Posso, photo courtesy of

Then short stop Dylan Bosheers

Dylan Bosheers, photo courtesy of
Dylan Bosheers, photo courtesy of

Also Scott Tomasetti, catcher

Scott Tomasetti, photo courtesy of
Scott Tomasetti, photo courtesy of

Pitcher Andrew Godail

Andrew Godail
Andrew Godail

Former Stanford quarterback, pitcher Evan Crower

Evan Crower
Evan Crower

And finally, the one that tears me up and breaks my heart, my first baseball “son” and last years’ Williamsport Crosscutters Booster Club Fan Favorite:

Feliberto Sanchez

Feliberto Sanchez
Feliberto Sanchez

Feliberto wasn’t just any player, he was/is/will always be one of my favorites. We met him four years ago when he began his career with the Gulf Coast League Phillies and I am grateful to have had the last four years where he has called us his “American Parents”.

I always joked that he was meant to be my “son” as we have the same crazy sense of humor and the two of us could understand each other without even talking…much to Ross’ chagrin. Feliberto and I could play jokes on Ross and before he knew what was going on, Feliberto and I would be laughing hysterically.

While I didn’t mention him by name, he is the one that caused my “crazy trip to the Tampa Airport post” (you can read that fiasco HERE) When I got him back to go to hotel that night, he wouldn’t let me leave until he gave me the gift he had made for Ross and I and it is one of my most cherished possessions.

The plaque
The plaque

It says “Special for my parents, I love you Mom and Dad”.

That year, he had hurt his knee at Thanksgiving and was flown first to Philly for surgery then here to Clearwater for rehab-which is why I had picked him up at the airport.

While rehabbing, he was here for a month, returning to the Dominican just two days before Christmas. The day before he left, he was allowed to leave the hotel for the afternoon and we had an “American” Christmas.

Our Christmas
Our Christmas

Baseball Ross asked me to add: 

“In Sanchez’ last two games he pitched five innings and struck out NINE…yet he was never given a chance to move up to Lakewood.”

Even now, I get a little choked up seeing the plaque because it means that much to me. It hangs right by my chair in the livingroom and even though he’s back in the Dominican, he’s never far from my heart. The only thing that’s changed over the years is that I’ve dropped the term “baseball”, he is my son. Hopefully, one day soon we can get together again.

Introducing Your 2015 Clearwater Threshers

It was a news-filled day with the additions of Koyie Hill to the coaching staff and Brodie Green to the roster.

The annual Season Ticket Holders’ Party was held tonight at Brighthouse Field. It was the best weather we have had in a week as the heat has seemed to abate a bit.

I now have official ID!
I now have official ID!

I was happily surprised to find that my ID has been issued in my nom de plume! I’ve had a name plate on my seat for two years, but I had to specially request it…so I was really happy to get this card!

Now, onto the team…

You can watch the video of the introductions HERE–and I really recommend you do as this years’ team has a lot of personality. They were a lot of fun to watch.

Coaching Staff:

  • Greg Legg, Manager
  • Rob Ducey, Hitting Coach
  • Steve Schrenk, Pitching Coach

Koyie Hill is a surprise. He isn’t given any specific coaching duty, just a member of the coaching “staff”.


  • Cody Forsythe
  • Matt Imhoff
  • Ulises Joaquin
  • Colin Kleven
  • Brandon Liebrant
  • Mark Leiter, Jr
  • Lino Martinez
  • Miguel Nunez
  • Edubray Ramos
  • Lee “Rocket Arm” Ridenhour
  • Kevin Walter
  • David Whitehead


  • Willians Astudillo
  • Andrew Knapp
  • Jose Mayorga


  • Brodie Green (Just added to the Threshers Roster today)
  • Zack Green
  • Angelo Mora
  • Drew Stankiewicz
  • Mitch Walding


  • Aaron Brown
  • Dylan Cozens
  • Chase Harris
  • Andrew Pullin

I really have a good feeling about this year’s team. I know quite a few of these guys and have a lot of faith in their talents. I think we will be very competitive this year and I am excited for the season to start!

The 2015 Clearwater Threshers
The 2015 Clearwater Threshers

Introducing the 2014 Clearwater Threshers

Tonight was one of my favorite nights of the year, the introduction of the Clearwater Threshers to the season ticket holders.

It’s a catered affair and after dinner, the team is introduced to the season ticket holders. You can see the video HERE

I had fun trying to take pictures before the introductions with my friend, pitcher Colin Kleven making fun of me….


I got a nice panorama of the team..


I got to talk to several players and they seem like a good group of guys, I can’t wait to see them play this year.

There are a lot of benefits to being a season ticket holder other than the party, like this card:

As a season ticket holder, this card gives us entry to any Florida State League stadium to watch the Threshers play, while they are ON THE ROAD. It’s sort of neat knowing you could conceivably go to every Threshers game for one prepaid price.

I’ll use it for the first time tomorrow night as the Threshers open the season on the road, a whole five miles from Bright House and three blocks from my house in Dunedin…