Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

As I was listening to my Sirius XM radio, this song came on the 90’s on 9, it’s Third Eye Blind’s Closing time…it’s the last line of the song and quite apropos for this afternoon. It’s the final game of the disastrous 2012 season for the Phillies. Appropriately, here in Clearwater we are sitting in the middle of a raging thunderstorm and pouring rain.

If I was a mystery writer, I’d start this post with, “It was a dark and stormy night, a murder is being committed…”

It may not be night, but at least the death of the 2012 season will let us begin the grieving process and begin to hope for a brighter 2013. (Ironically, as I typed that last light there was a bright flash of lightning and a sharp crack of thunder, HA!)

At least there were a few bright spots…

Freddy Galvis proved he can play in the Bigs.

Darin Ruf was the bright and shining shooting star at the end of the season.

Tyler Cloyd can hang with the big boys.

I really do have some hope. At least looking at the farm system and the guys who, if given a chance, might just give this team the shot in the arm it needs. Now if only Charlie and Ruben will give them a chance….

But that’s a blog for next spring.

Now I’m going to sit down with a good glass of iced tea and say goodbye to the painful 2012 season.