Ryan Howard’s House-Still a Work in Progress-After Almost Four Years

Happy Labor Day!  And who deserves a holiday more than the hard working people still laboring on Ryan Howard’s 17,500 square foot home.

The home on Gulf Boulevard in Belleair Shore, has beach access, a lazy river and according to The Tampa Bay Times, “$80,000 worth of doorknobs”. Current property records estimate the value of the property is listed in the tax records at $9 million.

Back in February of 2014, I posted pictures of the house in a blog, you can read it HERE.

Today, Baseball Ross and I went for a drive by the Howard Manse. We were surprised that it was still obviously unfinished. Granted, most of the unfinished work was on a second parcel of land that Howard acquired from a neighbor who sold reportedly because they didn’t want to live next to a “tourist attraction”.

So here’s some pictures I took for your curiosity: