Pictures from Phillies Spring Training 2018 Day 1

There’s only so many words one can write about the endless drills and pitchers fielding practice (PFPs), bunting practice when you see it every day. So I’ve decided to share some pictures from today, the pictures say more than words:

Zach Eflin
Zach Eflin
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson
Hector Neris
Hector Neris
Pat Neshak
Pat Neshak
Hoby Milner
Hoby Milner
Franklyn Kilome
Franklyn Kilome
Adam Morgan
Adam Morgan

and the Phillies’ new skipper:

Gabe Kapler
Gabe Kapler

Phillies Spring Training Day 6-February 19, 2017

Odubel Hererra gives me the thumbs up.
Odubel Hererra gives me the thumbs up.

This is where spring training gets hard to blog about. The intra-squad games have yet to start and basically, you’re watching the same players do the same drills as the last few days. There were a few highlights, however.

The best thing was Odubel Hererra motioning for me to take a picture then giving me the thumbs up sign…as seen above.

Baseball Ross and I have pictures and video of today’s activities and you can watch it HERE.  If you like the video, be sure to click subscribe so you will be notified when we post new videos. We hope to post new video every day of spring training.

First Day of Spring Training 2017

I woke up this morning excited as if it was Christmas morning, but it wasn’t Christmas morning, it was the first day of Spring Training.

Baseball Ross and I did a vlog to give you an over view of the day including photos and videos. You can watch it HERE.

Below you will find some of the pictures I took today:

The new Richie Ashburn Mural at the Carpenter Complex
The new Steve Carlton Mural at the Carpenter Complex
The new Mike Schmidt mural at the Carpenter Complex
The new Robin Robertsmural at the Carpenter Complex
Rhys Hoskins
Cord Sandberg
Mitch Walding
While the large stadium signs have yet to change, some of the smaller signs show the rebranding of Brighthouse to Spectrum Field.
While the large stadium signs have yet to change, some of the smaller signs show the rebranding of Brighthouse to Spectrum Field.
Bryan Holaday, Cameron Rupp and Chase Numata
Bryan Holaday, Cameron Rupp and Chase Numata
Drew Anderson
Drew Anderson
Elniery Garcia
Elniery Garcia
Alberto Tirado
Alberto Tirado
Hector Neris
Hector Neris
Clay Buchholz
Clay Buchholz
Ben Lively
Ben Lively

Final Workout Group Posting

Here it is…


2013 Spring Training Work Groups List Released

The 2013 Spring Training Working Groups list has been released:


Thome Heckled

Tonight I witnessed something I’ve never seen before. A home town player being cruelly taunted, heckled and just chewed out by SEASON TICKET HOLDERS.

I know the ticket holders and they are some of the most faithful and loyal of fans, my only guess is that they are not fans of watching rehabbing, older major leaguers and would rather watch the young “kids”. I don’t know but it was brutal.

This is just a sample of what was shouted at Jim Thome:

“Need help holding the bat up, OLD MAN?”

“Why don’t you just retire already?”

Thome looked back at the hecklers which prompted:

“If you can’t take it why don’t you just LEAVE!”

Thome managed to smack a ball and he ran as best he could to first. The 2ndbaseman made an error and it allowed Thome to make it safely. To which the head heckler shouted:

“Way to make it to first on an ERROR, FAT BOY!”

I was kinda embarrassed. It was beyond the usual ribbing you might give an opposing player, let alone one of your own. I was really taken aback by the viciousness of it all.

For the record, Mario Hollands who was called up from Lakewood, had five hitless innings but was pulled based on his pitch count. He was relieved by Brody Colvin and the game closed out by Hector Neris. The Threshers went on to win 5-1.

I hope Thome had some extra padding around his ego.

Stone Crabs Pinch the Threshers

There was one good thing to mention about the game tonight. The new edition of the Threshers Times came out with Jesse Biddle on the cover. I happened to run into Jesse and he was kind enough to autograph it for me. (It’s getting framed for my office in the new house!) He hadn’t seen the new cover and it was really cool to see the awe and surprise on his face when he saw that he was on the cover.

Threshers Times-Jesse Biddle Cover Autographed

Adam Morgan was on the mound.

Adam Morgan

I won’t go into details. It was a rough game.  Adam Morgan battled for six innings giving up 5. Colby Shreve came in in the seventh and held the Crabs scoreless. Then Garrett Claypool came in and the pain really began. 5 runs scored. Then Hector Neris came in and gave up another. It was a six run inning for the Crabs. Neris gave up another run in the ninth. Final score. 11-2 Stonecrabs. OUCH!

Austin Wright is Alright With Me

It was a beautiful day for a baseball game in Daytona. We made the trip in about 3 hours and only sat for about 15 minutes in traffic and we arrived in time for the 10:30 a.m. start. We were amazed that we weren’t caught in more rush hour traffic.

The game started off on a high note, Pete Lavin got a single and two batters later Brandon Tripp smacked a triple to drive Lavin home.

Threshers Celebrate in the Dugout as Pete Lavin Comes Home with the First Run
Austin Wright Pitches in Daytona

While Austin Wright’s pitching was good in the bottom of the first, Daytona managed to tie it on a strange play. John Andreoli would have had only a double, but a throwing error by Anthony Hewitt allowed him to score. Game was tied 1-1 after Wright got the last Cubbie to fly out.

Wright was sharp until the bottom of the 4th. Greg Rohan managed a double, then got to third when Nelson Perez was thrown out at first. Wright then threw a wild pitch that allowed Rohan to score. It was just such a freak thing.

After that, the Threshers seemed to really buckle down. Earlier in the season, this would have been the moment where they would have sagged a little, lost their drive, but not today. They seemed to pull together and were ready to go back at it to even up the score.

D’Arby Myers was the first up and he smacked a homer to tie the game. It was as if he was saying, “Oh no you don’t!”

The next inning, two Cubs grounded out and  one struck out. The Threshers were back in form. The Threshers weren’t done. Jim Murphy was first up in the sixth and he too, started the inning with a homer.

In the seventh, Edgar Duran made it to first on a throwing error. Then Lavin got another single. Albert Cartwright laid down a sacrifice bunt to get Duran to third and Lavin to second. Murphy is up again and he hit a single to drive in Duran and Lavin.

In the eighth, the Threshers bats were silent and at the bottom of the inning Juan Sosa come in in relief of Austin Wright. Daytona managed to get one run but at the end of the 7th, the score was 5-3 Threshers.

The eighth was quiet, but in the ninth, the Threshers wanted to put the cherry on the sundae, Albert Cartwright scored on a double by Brandon Tripp.

Bottom of the ninth, Hector Neris came in and while Daytona managed another run, it wasn’t enough, Threshers win, 6-4.

Threshers Celebrate a Win in Daytona

As I said earlier, I think that the Threshers are starting to gel as a team. When the going gets tough, the suck it up and power through it. In the beginning of the season, it was almost painful to watch. They’d be behind and you just knew that it was over, they wouldn’t be able to power through…now they can. They just seem to find that extra effort when it’s needed. It’s a good thing to see.

If you go to Daytona, I recommend a quick run over to the beach. It’s only about a mile from the stadium. Once you leave the parking lot, you go to the corner and hang a right….a few blocks later you’re at the “World’s Most Famous Beach”, Daytona Beach.

Ross on Daytona Beach
Betsy on Daytona Beach

We really enjoyed our day trip to Day-tona.

Threshers might be turning a corner

I want to begin by apologizing for not blogging more this week, but it was just “one of those weeks” where life got in the way of writing.

Monday, Baseball Ross and I got to see Perci Garner really step up. The whole team seems to have begun to “gel”.

The game on Monday was a see-saw ride, with the Brevard County Manatees beginning with 2 runs in the first, then Clearwater answered with 3 runs on a fielding error in the bottom of the second. The score kept ping-ponging back and forth until it was tied 7-7 in the sixth.

It stayed that way until the bottom of the TWELFTH when Pete Levin and Albert Cartwright starting the inning with singles. Brandon Trip was patient and earned a walk to load the bases. Then “Big” Jim Murphy stepped to the dish and whacked one that Ross and I thought was going to go over the wall. It fell short of being a grand slam by only a few inches, but it did score the winning run.

I do want to mention Jordan Whatcott pitched the last three innings of the game in relief. He was amazing, growing stronger as he went, even striking out the last two batters he faced. After this stunning performance, Jordan was sent up to Reading where he got his first AA win last night. Congratulations Jordan!

I guess I can also mention that I was a winner too, I won the “Tweet Your Seat” contest and won a $20 gift certificate to Pete and Shorty’s!

Tweet Your Seat Winner Gift Certificate

Ross and I each managed to catch a Threshers’ softer ball.

Threshers' Softee Ball

What a night!

Jesse Biddle prepares to pitch

Thursday night, it was Jesse Biddle’s turn on the bump. He looked strong going six innings (his longest outing of the season so far) and he only allowed one earned run. He also worked himself out of a bases loaded jam.

For me, I saw something change in Jesse. It was this “click” where you could see him buckle down, dig deeper for that little “something” that helped to push him a little further, pitch a little harder or focus his placement. It was as if you could just see the change. It was amazing to watch.

This is what you get at the minor league level. Its what makes minor league ball, to me anyway, better than major league ball. That little something, that magic where you can see a guy get to that next level, that personal growth. It’s where they learn that they have that next gear or that place to draw the strength to overcome whatever adversity they are facing. I saw that growth in Jesse that night. Where he may have been shaky or not as focused earlier, that night, he took the next step and battled through.

The Threshers were ahead 3-2 at the top of the ninth when the Daytona Cubs rallied to tie. Garrett Claypool came in and pitched a scoreless tenth. Jim Murphy drew a walk and set the scene for Anthony Hewett who shot one over the fence to bring them a 5-3 win in 10.


Austin Wright

Friday night again, was a nail-biter. With Austin Wright pitching another solid outing,  they were tied with Daytona 3-3 at the top of the eighth. Anthony Hewitt managed a single and Chris Duffy, freshly promoted from Lakewood smacked a double to send Hewitt home.  Hector Neris came in at the top of the ninth and sent the Cubs down in order.

In these three games, I think we’ve seen them start to gel, to become a cohesive team. They may have a game where the lead will see-saw back and forth and where a few weeks ago, they would seem to sag and be beaten, this week, the seem to instead pull together and draw strength to battle back. It’s something they can be proud of and now that they beat up on the Brevard Manatees tonight, winning 10-3, they’ve made it back to .500. They just might have turned the corner.