This morning I posted the first of the work group lists. For those of you not familiar, the work groups are preseason “rosters” for the minor league organization. It is important to note that they are very fluid at this point as there are still quite a few players still in the major league camp who will be coming down to minor league camp causing a lot of shifting among the rosters as well as some outright releases.

Baseball Ross and I compiled some of our favorite pictures from the first two days of minor league camp. You can see the vlog with pictures of Mickey Moniak, Franklyn Kilome and many others by clicking HERE.

Mickey Moniak

Hurricane Hermine and Damage at the Phillies Carpenter Complex 

Hurricane Hermine’s bands of rain moved onshore here this morning. While it was obvious that’s the Threshers game against the Dunedin Blue Jays in Dunedin would be cancelled, our baseball son was still required to report to Brighthouse field. 

It wasn’t too hard of a trip but Old Coachman was closed from the Complex to NE Coachman. There was a few heavy bands of rain and a few periods without rain.

I also took video driving through the area…you can watch it HERE.

Here are a few pictures of the Florida Auto Exchange Stadium where the game was to take place tonight…

Earlier today, the final game of the GCL Phillies was cancelled and it locked them in as the first place team so (weather permitting) the play off game would be held tomorrow. I sincerely doubt it will be played.

So it’s a very wet night.they have added the Clearwater area to the Tropical Storm warning area and we are also under a tornado warning tonight.  Baseball Ross and I live outside the 100 year flood plain so we should be safe.  

Hang in there baseball fans….

Moniak, Ortiz and Randolph, Three Top Prospects, One GCL Game

At the last minute, Baseball Ross and I wee able to change our schedule and attend today’s GCL game between the Phillies and Yankees.

We were rewarded by having a chance to see three of the Phillies top prospects: Mickey Moniak, Jhailyn Ortiz and Cornelius Randolph play.

I’ve included some pictures for you to enjoy:

Mickey Moniak
Mickey Moniak
Mickey Moniak
Mickey Moniak
Mickey Moniak
Jhailyn Ortiz
Jhailyn Ortiz
Cornelius Randolph
Cornelius Randolph
Cornelius Randolph


Jhailyn Ortiz hit a two-run double seen here:

Jhailyn Ortiz
Jhailyn Ortiz

GCL Photos- Nieves, Ruf and Dykstra

It’s a scorcher here in Clearwater. Those of us brave enough to sit out in the heat and humidity were treated to a pair of major leaguers on rehab, Wil Nieves and Darren Ruf. We were also able to see Luke Dykstra, son of Lenny Dykstra play for the Braves.








Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning’s End

Extended Spring Training has ended and now it’s time for short-season New York-Penn League to start.

It’s been the best of times and the worst of times. We watched some good friends get promoted to Williamsport and others were either left for the Gulf Coast League, sent to the Dominican Summer League (DSL) or given their outright release.

Last summer was the first summer that Baseball Ross and I spent nearly every day sitting in the stifling noon-day heat watching these young guys play in the rookie league of GCL.

GCL is special for the simple fact that the fans that go are either related to the players or die-hards. What other kind of crazy people would sit out in the heat at noon? There usually are only 5 or 6 “non family” members there so the players get to know you and you really feel invested in their progress.

The short-season New York-Penn League starts on Friday and Ross and I will be on our way to Pennsylvania. We are hoping to see Williamsport, then AA Reading, AAA Lehigh Valley and A- Lakewood, though not necessarily in that order. Couple that with seeing the GCL Phillies and the A+ Threshers the day we return and we will have seen EVERY team in the Phillies’ minor League system! By the end of the week, I will wager that we will travel close to THREE THOUSAND MILES!

I think we are going to be tired!

I plan to blog as we go so be sure to check back!

Road Trip-Bradenton-Sanchez and Crawford



Baseball Ross and I like to take advantage of all the baseball that Florida has to offer. Over the last few weeks, GCL Phillies pitcher, Feliberto Sanchez has taken to Ross, making a point of telling Ross every time he is going to pitch. This week, Sanchez was the opening day pitcher in Dunedin and after we congratulated him on his 3 scoreless innings, he told us that he was going to pitch when the team went to Bradenton.

So after having many a day this week ruined by rain and storms we decided to head over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge to Bradenton. I had never been to Pirate City. It’s about an hour from the Carpenter complex. Pirate city is a nice facility with some history.

Pirate City Administration Offices

DSCN9227 DSCN9228 DSCN9231 DSCN9230 DSCN9229


The only downside to the facility was the lack of shade and the inoperable vending machines. It was 88 degrees with a “real feel” of 97. So shade and a cool drink would have been refreshing.

I was glad to be there, this game was the first appearance of touted draft pick, JP Crawford.DSCN9132



In his first game, Crawford was DH and managed a little blooper down toward third that got him his first professional hit-a single.

Then, Feliberto Sanchez was in to pitch.

Feliberto Sanchez
Feliberto Sanchez

Sanchez looked very sharp. One of the things I like about him is his attitude. He’s so happy. He is likely the most friendly and gregarious player I’ve ever met and that’s not one of the most common traits of a pitcher. Sanchez is so unflappable it amazes me.

He missed a pitch and with many young (19 year olds) pitchers, it sometimes can spook them and it may take them a few pitches or even batters until they regain their composure. Not Sanchez. Next pitch was right where it needed to be and he didn’t even seem bothered.

With this great mindset I think it will help him progress.

Sanchez went five scoreless innings. As is typical for this atypical pitcher, he was smiling from ear to ear when he was done.

But was our day done?


There was a double header at Brighthouse! So off we went. After a brief stop for lunch and a little shopping, we headed back across the Skyway to Clearwater for the Threshers double header.

They dropped the first game in an extra inning and when the second game went into an extra inning, I was so sure we were going to drop another one.

BUT who was up? Carlos Alonso. He managed to drill one that brought in the winning run.

Threshers celebrate a walk off win in extra innings
Threshers celebrate a walk off win in extra innings

The GCL Phillies won, the Threshers won one of two…I guess two outta three ain’t bad?