It Ain’t Over…


Tuffy Gosewisch
Tuffy Gosewisch

It was the first Saturday that we made the trip to Baseballtown. For some reason, we never seem to make it on a Saturday. So when we got to the parking lot at what was our usual time for a 7:05 start we were surprised to see that the lot was full and people were hustling to the stadium. It then dawned on us that game time on Saturday is 6:35…so we were late. D’OH!

We rushed to our seats….and apparently, it seemed that quite a few people had done the same thing. After the National Anthem, our row still hadn’t filled in so I volunteered to go get us some soda. I was on my way to the stand and I looked over and saw a dear friend from college.

I HAD to stop and say, “Hi”. I sat and talked with her…and with the way the game started, it was good I was distracted. It was somewhere around the 5th inning when I looked up and saw the R-Phils were down 6-2. I realized that I had left before play had started so I rushed off to get Ross his soda.

I grabbed sodas and a couple of the BEST HOTDOGS IN BASEBALL (since I was gone so long) and hurried back.

It wasn’t until the bottom of the 8th that the R-Phils scored another run. I went down to stand next to the R-Phils dugout. I was afraid that this was going to be “one of those nights”. But then…I remembered the words of the great Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over, till it’s over!”

Then I looked down and next to the wall was a praying mantis…praying…and I thought if the mantis isn’t going to give up…neither am I.


Bottom of the 9th…the R-Phils started to battle back…and before my mantis friend could blink…we were tied! Fidel Hernandez was up with Brent Clevlen, who had just driven in a run, on second.

Hernandez is a nice guy, I had the pleasure of sitting with his wife and children at a game in Dunedin, Florida earlier in the season when Hernandez was still with the Clearwater Threshers. Really a sweet family.

So I’m hoping (and the mantis is praying) that Hernandez would do something…and he did. Hernandez hit a blooper that fell just behind the first baseman that allowed Clevlen to score from second and the crowd goes wild! THE PHILLIES WIN! Adam Brisco, the creator of the Brisco Disco led the crowd in a post-game dance while the team celebrated on the field. Ross was able to catch the hit and following celebration for me, you can watch it HERE.

I guess the prayers of a mantis must account for something, right?