More Phillies Minor Leaguers Released-Including One of Our “Baseball Sons”

This is the part I hate about spring training, the cuts.  It’s especially tough when you know the guys like Baseball Ross and I do. Some of this week’s cuts, come close to home, as we have known some of these guys for years and one is one of our “baseball sons”.

The first was pitcher Lino Martinez.

Lino Martinez, photo courtesy of
Lino Martinez, photo courtesy of

Then my friend, catcher Jesus Posso

Jesus Posso, photo courtesy of
Jesus Posso, photo courtesy of

Then short stop Dylan Bosheers

Dylan Bosheers, photo courtesy of
Dylan Bosheers, photo courtesy of

Also Scott Tomasetti, catcher

Scott Tomasetti, photo courtesy of
Scott Tomasetti, photo courtesy of

Pitcher Andrew Godail

Andrew Godail
Andrew Godail

Former Stanford quarterback, pitcher Evan Crower

Evan Crower
Evan Crower

And finally, the one that tears me up and breaks my heart, my first baseball “son” and last years’ Williamsport Crosscutters Booster Club Fan Favorite:

Feliberto Sanchez

Feliberto Sanchez
Feliberto Sanchez

Feliberto wasn’t just any player, he was/is/will always be one of my favorites. We met him four years ago when he began his career with the Gulf Coast League Phillies and I am grateful to have had the last four years where he has called us his “American Parents”.

I always joked that he was meant to be my “son” as we have the same crazy sense of humor and the two of us could understand each other without even talking…much to Ross’ chagrin. Feliberto and I could play jokes on Ross and before he knew what was going on, Feliberto and I would be laughing hysterically.

While I didn’t mention him by name, he is the one that caused my “crazy trip to the Tampa Airport post” (you can read that fiasco HERE) When I got him back to go to hotel that night, he wouldn’t let me leave until he gave me the gift he had made for Ross and I and it is one of my most cherished possessions.

The plaque
The plaque

It says “Special for my parents, I love you Mom and Dad”.

That year, he had hurt his knee at Thanksgiving and was flown first to Philly for surgery then here to Clearwater for rehab-which is why I had picked him up at the airport.

While rehabbing, he was here for a month, returning to the Dominican just two days before Christmas. The day before he left, he was allowed to leave the hotel for the afternoon and we had an “American” Christmas.

Our Christmas
Our Christmas

Baseball Ross asked me to add: 

“In Sanchez’ last two games he pitched five innings and struck out NINE…yet he was never given a chance to move up to Lakewood.”

Even now, I get a little choked up seeing the plaque because it means that much to me. It hangs right by my chair in the livingroom and even though he’s back in the Dominican, he’s never far from my heart. The only thing that’s changed over the years is that I’ve dropped the term “baseball”, he is my son. Hopefully, one day soon we can get together again.

Scenes from Phillies Minor League Spring Training-March 24, 2016

It was a busy day at the Carpenter Complex, not only were the AAA and AA Phillies teams playing the Yankees, there was another team (either independent or a college team, even the Phillies players didn’t know which.) playing what will likely become the Gulf Coast League team this summer.

While I’m still not up to 100%, I did my best with my knee scooter, zipping between fields, trying to guesstimate when the different players would be either pitching or hitting and just trying to capture a few good shots. The side effect is that it makes it really hard to have any clue what inning or even what the score was.

Either way, Baseball Ross and I had a good time watching baseball.

Andrew Pullin
Miguel Nunez
Jorge Alfaro
Carlos Alonso
Yaksel Rios
John Richy

Interesting note: John Richy executed a nice bunt, almost out ran it to first and managed to advance the runner…just what a pitcher should do. It was good to see.

Alec Asher
JP Crawford
Evan Crower

Evan Crower is a former quarterback at Stanford.

Carlos Tocci
Malquin Canelo throws to first as Cord Sandberg covers.
Rhys Hoskins
Carlos Alonso
Christian Marrero
Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez
Roman Quinn
Andrew Knapp
Cord Sandberg
Aaron Brown
IMG_0938 3
Rhys Hoskins


Scenes from Phillies Minor League Spring Training-March 9

It was another beautiful day here in Clearwater. After a cold and wet winter, this warm dry March is a wonderful change. 

The one thing that I’ve noticed that’s different from last year is that the atmosphere is lighter and more positive. You see the players with smiles on their faces and a little more bounce in their steps. It seems to be almost the opposite of last season, at least, so far.

Unless you’re someone who’s unnecessarily loquacious, there’s really not a lot that you can say about watching the endless drills of the first week of spring training. So my contribution will be a series of pictures depicting today’s activities.

Jose Taveras

José Taveras tracks down the ball during PFPs-Pitcher Fielding Practice.


Zach Green

Zach Green begins to spring for the ball.


Deivi Grullon

Deivi Grullon snags the ball from the pitching machine.

Rhys Hoskins

Rhys Hoskins makes contact in batting practice.

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

Miguel Gonzalez begins long tossing before going into the bullpen.


Aaron Brown and Dylan Cozens

Aaron Brown and Dylan Cozens during base running drills.

Alberto Tirado
Alberto Tirado pantomimes a toss in PFPs.


Evan Crower
 Evan Crower was a quarterback at Stanford University who still had a year of eligibility when he was signed by the Phillies.

Derek Campbell

Derek Campbell gets ready to fire to first.

Matt Imhof

Matt Imhof smiles after a successful throw to first.

Christian Marrero

Christian Merraro is ready to fly.


Drew Stankiewicz
  Drew Stankiewicz swings for the fence.

Alexis Rivero

Alexis Rivero tracks down the ball during PFPs.

Mitch Walding

Mitch Walding throws to second. 

Jeff Singer

Newcomer Jeff Singer played last season for the Camden Riversharks. He looked sharp today.

Baseball Ross and I will be back at it tomorrow, another day in paradise.