Things are just Ducky

When you go to a ballgame, you never know what you might see…or that you might actually get to save a life…or in this case eight lives.

When Ross and I got to Bright House there was a momma duck racing back and forth just in front of the fountain. She was in obvious distress. I looked to the side and there was the problem, her ducklings had fallen down in a storm drain.

The one of the grounds crew had gotten a tractor and lifted the grate off the drain while a City of Clearwater Police Officer used a rake to keep them from swimming down into the drainpipe.

City of Clearwater Police Officer uses a rake to keep the ducklings from getting lost down the drainpipe

After that, the groundskeeper took the rake since his arms were a little longer and it allowed him to scoop the leaf-rake under the ducklings and up they came, one by one.

A Bird in Hand

Momma was waiting

Momma Duck waits for her babies

At one point several ducklings scampered onto the rake and I jumped in to help. I helped carry three of the eight babies over to where Momma was waiting

Momma! Where are you?

After all 8 were saved, the grate was put back on and we headed into the game, quite happy to have helped to save eight little lives.

Waddling off into the sunset