Bryce Harper Takes Batting Practice And Signs Autographs Before Phillies Debut

Hello Fans!

I managed to get my hands on a much-coveted ticket to today’s game where Bryce Harper will Make his Phillies debut. It’s a sell-out!

I got in as soon as the gates opened and managed to get to see Harper take 2 at bats before heading into the locker room.

Afterwards they lead him out through the Hooters Diamond Dugout to avoid the crowd.

He did come to sign for those of us standing there…I didn’t ask since I got one Thursday..but I did say to him, “Hey, Bryce thanks for the autograph on Thursday, I really appreciate it!” He stopped, looked to see who said that, met my eyes and said, “you’re welcome, glad to.”

He’s defiantly not “who they said he is”. He’s thoughtful and appreciative to his fans. So much better than I could have expected.

The Good and Bad Today-Bryce Harper Edition

Well, we got to the Carpenter Complex and hoped to see Bruce Harper taking BP with the minor leaguers or in the stadium again today. Sadly, the field conditions were poor due to a strong thunderstorm overnight so all practice was limited.

Story was that Harper walked over from the stadium, ate breakfast at Carpenter with the minor leaguers and worked out back at Spectrum Field.

He did not appear again until he left, though with my long lens I managed to snag a picture:

Baseball Ross and I then headed to the ticket office and snagged some of the last tickets for Harper’s debut as a Phillie on Saturday!

Then I got the last Harper shirtzey in my size!

So while I didn’t get the autograph I wanted to see BP, I did get a shirtzey and tickets to the debut…so all in all it was a good day!