It’s a Sad Day, Threshers’ Fan Favorite Chad Carman Released

I was rather shocked when I read the transactions list this evening to see that Threshers catcher Chad Carman was released.

He is a solid defensive catcher who wasn’t given a chance to play in a regular rotation, though he did catch for one of Cole Hamels’ rehab appearances in Clearwater. That’s him in the picture at the top of the page.

I got to know Chad or “Charmin Carman” by his Twitter handle, last summer when he was here on rehab from the Blue Claws after breaking his thumb. He’s a sweet guy who worked hard and always took time with fans young and old.

Because he was so friendly, or “Charmin” he quickly became a favorite of Threshers fans. I hope he knows we’ll miss him. I know I’ll remain a fan no matter where he ends up.

One would suspect that he was released to make room for Andrew Knapp who’s also a catcher, however he’s returning from an injury and so far, we have not seen him catch in extended spring training. He’s been the DH, but not catcher.

Another roster move was Threshers outfielder Justin Parr, who was sent to extended spring training. He’s had a tough time at the plate this year but I’ve respected his hustle and effort.

Threshers DH Willie Carmona was also
reactivated from the “temporarily inactive” list.


Final Workout Group Posting

Here it is…


Phillies Minor League Workgroup List-Updated as of 3/10/2014

This morning the updated workgroup listing for the Phillies minor league camp was released:


It’s a Great Day for Baseball

Today was one of those days where I realize I’m living “the dream”. I live in a beautiful place, blocks from the water, and I get to watch baseball for free almost every day. What more can a girl ask for?

I’m also in awe of watching these guys chasing their dream.

Today some of the things I saw:

Catcher Chad Carman making a beautiful throw to second. I love the look on his face…full of confidence.

JP Crawford smacking a solid single on his first at bat.

Watching Ranfi Casimiro throw a fastball with a movement on it that couldn’t be hit. When he had this pitch, it was wicked to watch.

My highlight today was watching Feliberto Sanchez. Sanchez who is usually a starter was brought in for the final inning today and according to Baseball Ross’ notes:

Here is what I have on Feliberto: one inning pitched; struck out Larry Greene; Andrew Pullin grounded out second to first; Wilmer Oberto popped out to short. He threw 16 pitches and 13 for strikes.

The thing that impressed me most was that Oberto was hot today, even hitting the longest homer I’ve ever seen at Schmidt Field, so for Sanchez to get him to pop out was no easy feat.

The other thing I realized today was how fortunate I am to have gotten to be friends with some of the boys. That’s why a picture like this one really makes me smile.

Feliberto Sanchez and Ranfi Casimiro with me.