Zambrano on the Comeback Trail?

This afternoon, Baseball Ross and braved the Florida heat and humidity to check on newly acquired pitcher Carlos Zambrano.

Today was also a first for me, I used Ross’ “Pocket Radar” device. It’s a device the size of an iPhone that acts like a radar gun. Never having used it before, I cannot say how accurate it was for sure (or if there was any “operator error” either) but I have included its readings.


My first impression upon seeing him was, “he’s HUGE”!

He pitched four innings and by the Pocket Radar’s readings his pitches ranged from 82-87 mph.

By the time he was done he pitched 4, with 4 hits, 1 walk and 4 strike outs. (Unofficially)

His temper only seemed to flare on one pitch, where he appeared to be angry with himself.

His breaking pitches were good however the velocity of his fastball on the last hit he gave up was 85.

So…it’s hard to say when/if he’ll be ready, but if he can increase his velocity he might just be ok.