The History of the Phillies Spring Training Stadiums

Today Baseball Ross and I took a trip down memory lane as we visited all three of the Phillies’ Spring Training stadiums. We made a video of our tour and we hope you can like it. You can see it HERE. You might find out some very interesting facts-like how of one of the Phillies’ […]

Enough is Enough! More Netting is Needed at Baseball Stadiums! Freddie Galvis is Right!

This is a subject that is a personal one for me and I’ll explain why later. Last night, Freddie Galvis hit a fly ball that zoomed into the stands and hit a young girl in the face. She was injured and taken to Children’s Hospital. We had, ironically, just turned on the game when they […]

Tropical Storm Colin Leaves His Mark on the Phillies’ Carpenter Complex

June 1st is the start of the “official” hurricane season. This year, it took only 6 days for the first serious storm to hit the Clearwater area. Tropical Storm Colin never got to hurricane status but there were a few serious wind gusts that topped 50mph and rain varied from “only” 5 inches to almost 9 […]

Quick How-To Guide  to Spring Training

   While there is no “one way” to do spring training, here are a few helpful hints to make enjoying Phillies Spring Training easy: Wear comfortable shoes. If you park at Lot A next to the Carpenter Complex, it’s grass.  To walk into Carpenter  and  then out and around to Brighthouse is around half a […]

It’s the Freddy Galvis Show

Freddy Galvis is the man of the hour. With the Jimmy Rollins trade, Galvis has been the one to watch…and it seems that everyone IS watching. For Galvis, he seems to be putting on a how-to clinic and showing he deserves the starting role. Below, hitting instructor Mike Schmidt offers pointers as Galvis enters the […]

Cancer-Free Darren Daulton Triumphantly Returns to Clearwater

Today was one of those great days that you will remember for years to come as one of those days where you brag, “I WAS THERE!” Today, Darren Dalton announced he is now free of cancer and he returned to Brighthouse Field for Spring Training. If you’d like more details of Daulton’s ordeal please read […]

Day Three of Phillies Spring Training 2015

Finally, a “Chamber of Commerce” kind of day! After two days that were more like spring in Philadelphia rather than the beginning of Spring Training in Florida, the sun was shining and it was warm enough for shorts. Now this is the life! Baseball Ross and I got to the Carpenter Complex a little after […]