Day Three of Phillies Spring Training 2015

Finally, a “Chamber of Commerce” kind of day! After two days that were more like spring in Philadelphia rather than the beginning of Spring Training in Florida, the sun was shining and it was warm enough for shorts. Now this is the life!

Baseball Ross and I got to the Carpenter Complex a little after 10. Since I had not had a chance to watch batting practice yet, we headed directly to Brighthouse. Batting practice is more laid back and the players seem to enjoy themselves more than during other drills. It’s the best place to get autographs as well.

Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade

You get to see things like this:

Cody Asche Smashes One
Cody Asche smashes the ball as Mike Schmidt looks on

Aaron Altherr shagged flies in the outfield.

Aaron Altherr
Aaron Altherr

You also get a chance to see players in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Ben Revere shares a smile
Ben Revere shares a smile

Or may be they are thinking about the future.

Darin Ruf Contemplates the Future
Darin Ruf Contemplates the Future

After batting practice, the infielders head over to the half field next to Brighthouse to participate in infield drills and consult with coaches.

The Half Field next to Brighthouse where they practice infield drills.
The half field next to Brighthouse where they practice infield drills.
Freddy Galvis Fields the Ball
Freddy Galvis fields the ball
Mike Schmidt discusses hitting with Freddy Galvis
Mike Schmidt discusses fielding with Freddy Galvis

It was a great day and I was lucky enough to get Darin Ruf’s autograph!

Darin Ruf autographed ball
Darin Ruf autographed ball

This is what I love about Spring Training and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.


Rainy Days Always get me Down

It was a stormy day, thunder storm warnings and tornado warnings. Needless to say, Ross and I decided to stay home.

It gave me a chance to organize the autographs I’ve collected this spring:

I can’t even begin to decipher all the names but I can tell you that the following players are on there, somewhere: Bobby Abreu, Domonic brown, Phillipe Aumont, Justin DeFratus, Cody Asche, Tony Gwynn Jr, Ruben Amaro Jr, Darin Ruf, Wil Nieves, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Maikel Franco, Kevin Frandsen, Kenny Giles,
Kelly Dugan, Aaron Altherr, Marlon Byrd, Ben Revere…I think.

I also got quite a few balls signed:










I was also fortunate enough to be given a bat, my FIRST bat! It was Freddy Galvis’!

I think this was my best season for autographs!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

For me, it was a pretty darn good day, for the Fighting Phils, not so much.

Let’s take this in reverse order:

The Ugly:
Seeing Kelly Dugan get plunked with the ball during his first plate appearance. It looked like it smarted and with the cold, I’m sure it stung.


The Bad:
Ethan Martin was taken out of the game with “shoulder soreness” before even getting an out. He didn’t look like he was feeling good about his shoulder.


Finally, The Good:

I’ve been collecting autographs for years and I’ve never managed to assemble an entire starting line-up. This is the closest I’ve come, I only need 3 more. Today, I got Ben Revere.

What was really cool was that when I tweeted him to thank him, he favorited my tweet!

Then, after the game, Baseball Ross, B and I went to dinner and when we returned home there was a “broken” FREDDY GALVIS bat! A neighbor of mine was able to get it and he brought it to me, knowing I’d love it. It’s awesome and my very first bat. Next week, we are going to get a case for it. I’ve never gotten to see a big league bat up close, let alone own one! It’s pretty cool and I’m lucky to have such a thoughtful neighbor.



So tomorrow is the game at Bright House against the Detroit Tigers. It’s B’s last game before returning to Pennsylvania and snow on Sunday. Tomorrow is “physicals day” for minor league players and Saturday is the first workouts.

I’m excited to see the “kids” and will be spending the majority of my time at the Carpenter Complex so if you’re there look for me.

First day of full camp

It was the first day of full camp. It was good to see everyone working out and taking drills.

It was in the 60s but near the time the guys broke for lunch the winds had kicked up and the temperatures started to drop. (By 5pm it was 57 with a wind chill of 49)

Everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Hamels, Revere and Rollins among others signed autographs. The crowds were the largest so far this season.

My highlight of the morning was some young guy saying, “I got Cody Asche’s autograph, he’s a player of the future.”

Day 3 of Spring Training

I’m here at Bright House Field watching batting practice. It’s COLD (for Florida) only 57. It’s so dark they have turned on the stadium lights.

I’ve watched Ryan Howard, Chas Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Ben Revere taking BP.

Ryan Howard


Chase Utley


Jimmy Rollins


I’ll be here until they break for lunch, then I think we’re heading to Starbucks for coffee…BRRRRR

UPDATED TO ADD (11:13am) Ben Revere hit two balls out of the park!

It was a good day…

It was a BEAUTIFUL day in Clearwater. High 70s, sun and a gentle breeze made for a great day to watch the goings on.

I got to see:

Cole Hamels


And Cody Asche taking fielding practice on the half field


And new Phillie, Ben Revere, who was the only player to stop by the stands after batting practice…something that bumps him up in my opinion.


While at Brighthouse, Baseball Ross and I did something I’ve never done before, bought season tickets to the Threshers. I’m really excited about being a season ticket holder.

It was a great day on and off the field, though in typical Florida fashion, late in the afternoon we were treated to rain and a thunderstorm. It doesn’t get much better that that.