More Phillies Minor Leaguers Released

Since there is usually no “official” announcement of players who have been released, the way we here in Clearwater find out is usually by word of mouth. Sometimes we can be at the Carpenter Complex and see players leaving or hear from others who was released. While Baseball Ross usually hear of a release in this manner, we never post about it until we can verify it from an official source like MiLB or the Phillies page.

Today, I say goodbye to my friend Harold Guererro. Guererro, a LHP was in Clearwater last year and he was always nice to me. He was released March 16.


Harold Guererro

Also released on March 16th were:

Victor Delgado (RHP Lakewood), Ryne Frankoff (LHP GCL Phillies) and Kevin Walsh (RHP GCL Phillies).
They were in addition to Art Charles, Tim Zier and Brian Pointer that I mentioned in my last post.

For anyone who follows the minor leaguers as closely as Ross and I do, “cut days” are the worst. As always, we wish them the best and hope they get to follow their dreams.

It’s So Hard, to Say Goodbye

I had the sad discovery today to find out that three players were released on March 16th.

Art Charles

Tim Zier
Tim Zier, who played 15 games with Lakewood before being injured, Art Charles who played with Reading and Brian Pointer who was with Reading last year (and was an Eastern League All-Star) were all released.

I wish them all the best and hope they get picked up real soon.

EDITED TO ADD: Before publishing, I double checked which listed all 3 players as “released” as of March 16, 2016z

Scenes From Phillies Minor League Camp

One of the most difficult things about Spring Training is trying to see it all, especially in minor league camp. At times you will have drills going on on four different fields, pitchers throwing in 3 different bullpens, and hitting in the batting cages. (And that’s the stuff you can actually see, there’s also indoor weight rooms, batting cages and pitching areas.)

When you’re trying to get an idea of how everyone is doing, that leads to a lot of movement around the complex and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t see everyone in one day.

So I put together a series pictures to show what a typical day in the life of spring training is like.


Carlos Tocci
One of the biggest surprises has been Carlos Tocci. Tocci broke his hamate bone in winter ball but you would have never known it in BP. He was hitting with some power. It was great to see.


Art Charles
Art Charles takes a few swings.


Andrew Pullin
Andrew Pullin practiced bunting.


William Cuicas

William Cuicas grabbed a grounder.


Alexis Rivero
Reliever Alexis Rivero smiles after a successful turn on the mound.


Venn Biter

Venn Biter laid down a nice bunt. (Ball on left-edge of picture.)


Ranfi Casimiro
Ranfi Casimiro pantomimes a toss in a drill.


Cornelius Randolph

Cornelius Randolph takes a jog around the bases.


Cord Sandberg
  Cord Sandberg takes a turn at the plate.

Elniery Garcia
Finally, Elniery Garcia smiles as he tracks down a ball during a fielding drill.

Until the minor league games start, this is a snapshot of what camp is like. For the fan it means a lot of walking in circles, but there is no where else I’d rather be.

2016 Minor League Work Group List Released

 The minor league workgroup was released and here it is, hot off the presses: 

If you have questions about the list, I’ve answered the most common ones HERE.

Ryan Howard Shines, Featherston Flies, Galvis Focuses as Spring Training Continues

Today it was almost like Ryan Howard was putting on a showcase. He looks good slimmer and more ready for the season than I’ve ever seen him.

He looks sharp and has obviously worked out in the off season.


Ryan Howard snags a ball at first

Ryan Howard at the bat
Newcomer Taylor Featherston didn’t want to be outdone and he flew through the air. 


Taylor Featherston flies through the air as Maikel Franco looks on
Maikel Franco looked focused. 
Maikel Franco

At the end the day, they did something I never saw, they donned “slide pants” and practiced sliding on special tarps. It looked like a lot of fun. 

Sliding in slide pants
After the Major Leaguers were done, the minor leaguers that have reported early took their turn.


Minor Leaguers work out

I was pleased to see Art Charles:


Art Charles
John Richy who was part of the Chase Utley deal with the Dodgers pitched today.


John Richy

And finally Tommy Joseph looked good and fully recovered from last year’s injuries.


It may have been a cold, breezy day, but it was a good day for baseball. 

Introducing the 2014 Clearwater Threshers

Tonight was one of my favorite nights of the year, the introduction of the Clearwater Threshers to the season ticket holders.

It’s a catered affair and after dinner, the team is introduced to the season ticket holders. You can see the video HERE

I had fun trying to take pictures before the introductions with my friend, pitcher Colin Kleven making fun of me….


I got a nice panorama of the team..


I got to talk to several players and they seem like a good group of guys, I can’t wait to see them play this year.

There are a lot of benefits to being a season ticket holder other than the party, like this card:

As a season ticket holder, this card gives us entry to any Florida State League stadium to watch the Threshers play, while they are ON THE ROAD. It’s sort of neat knowing you could conceivably go to every Threshers game for one prepaid price.

I’ll use it for the first time tomorrow night as the Threshers open the season on the road, a whole five miles from Bright House and three blocks from my house in Dunedin…




Phillies Minor League Workgroup List-Updated as of 3/10/2014

This morning the updated workgroup listing for the Phillies minor league camp was released: