Tickets! Get Your Tickets!


It’s the All Star Break, official middle of the season and I looked at my stack of used tickets and was amazed. This isn’t even ALL of my tickets.

I vowed to keep them all just to see how many games I went to and while this is almost all of them, there are a few missing. A couple disintegrated in the wash and I lost 2 spring training tickets as well.

BUT this doesn’t include all the FREE games in Spring Training, Extended Spring Training or Gulf Coast league! It also doesn’t include at least 3 rain out games where we went but the games were postponed–those tickets will be given to friends so they can turn them in for another game.

I think I am going to do what a buddy of ours does, he buys a journal at the beginning of the season and he jots down every game he goes to, the date, teams and which players were there. I may stick my tickets in the journal as well.

I’ve only missed a handful of Threshers home games either due to illness or being out of town. Just think how huge the pile will be by the end of the season! The pile will also not include all the Fall Instructional games we’ll likely see.

For all those people who thought I’d be bored when I quit my job…I say “HA!”