Bats Pop, Glass and Popcorn Scatter

View from the Upper Level at Bright House

Today was Sunday Brunch at Bright House. For all Sunday home games, you can pay $12, have access to a variety of breakfast and lunch choices and sit in the second level club seats (great view and they’re CUSHIONED). Not bad when you consider that a seat behind home is $9.50. Basically for $2.50, we got: roast beef, eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, hot dogs, bagels, salad, rice and bottled water. Not bad! And for a buffet style meal (As a rule, I’m not a big fan of buffets) it was really good. The roast beef was actually carved for you and was quite tasty.

Enough about the food, for at least a minute (it comes into PLAY in a bit).

Jesse Biddle

Jesse Biddle was pitching today. Of all of his 6 starts, I’ve seen 4. (I only missed one home start and the other was last week when they were in Daytona and Jesse only pitched 2 balls before he was hit by a line drive and taken out of the game.)

I really enjoy watching him pitch. Every game, you can see him develop a little more. He’s getting “it” that elusive “thing” that you can only understand by playing the game. I just watch in amazement.

It became quite evident that today’s Stonecrab’s were not the same team that beat up on Adam Morgan on Friday night. The first batter grounded out and the next two, Biddle struck them out swinging. The Threshers scored 2 in the bottom of the first.

This is where the food comes back into “play” and I mean that quite literally. As I mentioned in the opening, we were sitting in the club seats, the second level of Brighthouse just outside the suites. It’s a great view of the field but it’s also a great place to get hit by a foul. Baseball Ross and I were sitting in our seats in the first of three rows, just sipping our water and watching the game when one of the Stonecrabs fouled one up into the stands and it whizzed right over our heads, just barely clearing the top of the third row (and top row) of the seats…and it smashed into the glass wall of the popcorn popper!

After we gathered our faculties after such a hot ball flew over our heads we turned and the people who were standing behind the top row of seats; were scared to death! There was glass everywhere. Luckily no one got hurt and after a few minutes people were able to calm back down. It’s amazing that that foul managed to make it through the crowd of people and hit an area that was about 2×2 and glass. You couldn’t have hit that if you tried. (Kudos to the staff who calmed the people down and got the whole mess cleaned up and the popper out of sight in just a few minutes.)

Clearwater just never took their foot off the gas, Jesse Biddle set in and didn’t let up. He pitched a solid six innings, causing most of the Stonecrabs to pop up or foul.

If you want more details on the game you can click HERE

Clearwater went on to win 10-7 (most of the Crabs runs came late in the game). Jesse got his first win.

What a day, good food, good weather, good game and good friends. What more do I need to be happy?