Pre-All-Star Party comes to Dunedin

The All-Star Game has come to Dunedin, my home town. Ironically, this could have been my first ASG in my home stadium, but I had a family reunion to attend in St. Louis so I will not be there. It will also likely be the last as the Blue Jays have put the town on notice that they want a new stadium with adjoining practice fields or they may move the team.

That being said, I have the best husband in the world. (I may be biased)

He went to Edgewater Park this evening to partake in the festivities:


As there always are in Dunedin, sister city of Sterling Scotland, there were bagpipes included in the festivities. (They take their bagpipes seriously here, there are drum and bagpipe bands in the middle and high schools as well as several competition bands at the adult (town) level, they are even featured in an upcoming Florida Vacation Council commercial)

Then the players signed autographs…my husband, the wonderful guy he is, got me all of the Threshers:

Maikel Franco

Carlos Alonso

While I couldn’t be there, at least I’ll have something special waiting for me when I get home.