It’s Tebow Time! Tebow-Mania comes to Spectrum Field

When was the last time you saw the home team PROMOTING a player FROM THE OPPOSING team?

Apparently, Tebow-Mania has created such a frenzy, that the Threshers are promoting an opposing player. Not only that, they are THROWING HIM A 30th BIRTHDAY PARTY!

What in the ever-loving…..

Ok, I have nothing against Tebow. I admire the guy for staying true to himself, his convictions and for chasing his dream. I hope to get his autograph for just those reasons alone. What I don’t get is why my team is using an opposing player for promotion.

Granted, there’s been studies of the “Tebow-effect” on Minor League ball. Wherever he plays, attendance soars. Tampa usually draws around 700-800 a game, Saturday night they had 7,157–almost TEN TIMES normal. May be if the teams advertised like this for all the games, attendance would be higher too. The Threshers have been advertising this on local cable quite a bit, where the rest of the summer I’ve only seen a handful of commercials.

Spectrum Field is speculating that we will have “Spring Training-Like” crowds with at least one night being close to being sold out, if not sold out. Spectrum Field seats around 7,600 and can hold around 10,000 with berm and standing room added.

So we shall see what happens. Stay tuned to my Twitter @BaseballBetsy for updates as they happen tonight as well as pictures and photos of the spectacle.


Back From Hiatus!

sunset over gulf

How I’ve missed blogging! The season ended and while the boys took a break, Baseball Ross and I swung into full gear.

We finally completed our move to sunny Clearwater, Florida! We WILL be here for every moment of Spring Training and the beginning of the Threshers’ season.

I have some upcoming posts planned…comments on winter ball, trades and other off-season activity as well as my end of year awards and reviews.

I’m really looking forward to the start of Spring Training, this will be the first year where I will be able to spend every waking moment living and breathing baseball. I can’t wait.

I’m working on a few new things for this season and for now, they’re under wraps, but I’m sure if they work out as planned, you’ll love them!

One little thing I’ll tell you now I will be twittering daily from Spring Training so be sure to follow me at @BaseballBetsy.

I’m still on Facebook as Betsy Baseballe be sure to add the “e”, Facebook wouldn’t allow me to have the last name “Baseball” so I had to tweak it a little.

You can always send me your thoughts and comments at:

Keep on the look out! My new posts will be coming soon!

Love and baseball,