Irma Cancels FSL Championship Series-Will Have Co-Champions 

Hurricane Irma has already caused the cancellation of the Florida State League Championship which would have been held over the weekend. Instead the 3-game semifinal will determine the co-champions-with the winner of each division being named. So who will it be? Tampa or Dunedin and either Palm Beach or Fort Myers.  Currently, Dunedin and Tampa […]

When Baseball and Entertainment Collide-How I Met Jamie Lynn Spears

Back on April 14, 2014 I won a contest that the Clearwater Threshers held. During that week, they hid a Threshers garden gnome somewhere in Clearwater. It would be located at one of their sponsors’ locations and whomever figured out where it was based on a picture of the gnome at the location (close up […]

Hurricane Hermine and Damage at the Phillies Carpenter Complex 

Hurricane Hermine’s bands of rain moved onshore here this morning. While it was obvious that’s the Threshers game against the Dunedin Blue Jays in Dunedin would be cancelled, our baseball son was still required to report to Brighthouse field.  It wasn’t too hard of a trip but Old Coachman was closed from the Complex to […]

Batter up! Hear that Call! The All American Professional Baseball League Gets a New Home

One of my favorite things about baseball is a part that is often forgotten. The All American Girls Professional Baseball League. At a time when most women got married before they turned 20 and stayed home to raise the children, these women were part of a change that is still felt today. World War II forced […]