A Howling Good Time at Bark in the Park!

The entire "Baseball" family, Maggie, Veronica, Betsy and Ross
The entire “Baseball” family, Maggie, Veronica, Betsy and Ross

Last night was “Bark in the Park”, a night to take your pup to the park. Our girls, Shih Tzus, are small and very well behaved but would they be able to handle the crowd?

Maggie will be 11 and Veronica is 4. The weather was perfect and they had on their little pink baseball jerseys and their Reading Phillies leashes. We carried them where it was crowded because they are so small, they are easy for people to step on.

Ryan "Mad Dog" Madson
Ryan “Mad Dog” Madson

The give away was a Ryan “Mad Dog” Madson statue. Likely one of the nicest statues I’ve seen as a giveaway.

First up, dinner! There is a place that is out of the way where Ross and I usually eat our hotdogs so I went there with the puppies and waited. They shared a bit of hot dog and we bought them water. (The only “diva” behavior they have is that they will NOT drink from a community bowl”)

We then went over to the fence to watch the R-Phils players walk in. Tyler Cloyd, the starting pitcher, saw the girls and stopped to give them a scratch on the head. They loved it.

We went up to our seats. Each puppy was entitled to a seat with the purchase of their ticket. However, with our girls being so small, they shared.

Maggie and Veronica share their seat
Maggie and Veronica share their seat

I was afraid that the crowd noise might frighten them but they didn’t really seem to mind once they got settled. There was another Shih Tzu sitting behind them. Once each pup said, “Hello”, they all settled in.

I think the funniest part of the night was when the National Anthem was sung. While the ladies who performed were talented, many dogs howled along. It was so hilarious!

For the first three or four innings, there was no one sitting directly in front of us so Maggie and Veronica sat up and seemed to actually be watching the game.

Maggie and Veronica watching the Reading Phillies
Maggie and Veronica watching the Reading Phillies

It was only after people sat in front of us that they finally laid down on the seat. The R-Phils were off to a rough start. They fell behind early. By the 8th inning they were battling back. Maggie put on her rally cap.

Maggie wears her rally cap
Maggie wears her rally cap

The R-Phils tied it up! Lucky puppy! The tension mounted as the R-Phils battled. Maggie finally decided she had enough…she couldn’t watch anymore.

Maggie can't bear to watch
Maggie can’t bear to watch

It wasn’t long after that that the game went into the 10th inning. Even Veronica, my peppy puppy, was exhausted.

Veronica falls asleep in the 10th using her sister as a pillow
Veronica falls asleep in the 10th using her sister as a pillow

Unfortunately, the Bowie Baysox were able to take the lead and hold it.

Even though our boys lost…we had a great time. I had never thought that our “fuzzy children” would have been able to have such an absolutely wonderful time. I didn’t see a single dog in attendance that misbehaved any more than any human child. There was one dachshund who did get a little barky at the end of the night…but then again there was a two-year old screaming as well.

For me, this literally was easily one of the top twenty nights of my life. The weather was perfect and we were able to spend the night with our pups doing something we love. I don’t think life can be much better than that.

That’s what I love about baseball. Fun for the whole family, whether your family members have two legs or four.