If I Were Jimmy Rollins, I Wouldn’t Make Ryne Sandberg Mad

You know, two years ago Ross happened to be at a spring training game where Ryne Sandberg lost his temper. It happened after two of our guys were hit by pitches by the pirates.

To me, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of an angry Sandberg, if you don’t believe me, watch the video. Please note that there is profanity. You can click HERE to go to the blog and see the video.

May be J Roll should keep this in mind the next time he might tick off Ryno.


A Tale of Two Balls

Sitting around the Carpenter Complex like I do, you see a lot of things. Some things are more memorable than others.

One of my favorite was sitting on a bench and talking with Roman Quinn. He was here at the end of the season last year with his wrist injury and is now rehabbing a new injury to his Achilles’ tendon.

You might think a guy with “swag” in his twitter handle might be a little pretentious, but let me tell you, that is not a word I thought of talking to Roman. He’s a sweet soft spoken guy who’s positivity is amazing considering his bad luck with injuries. He was quite impressive.

He was also kind enough to sign a ball for me.


The other ball I collected this week has a more “colorful” history. Baseball Ross and I were watching one of the A+ (group 3) scrimmages and Hilton Richardson, a free agent signee who hadn’t played for 2 years, smacked a ball out over the right field fence at Ashburn Field. It bounced out on the macadam and disappeared.

Later when Ross and I were walking to the car I saw it…sunk in the drainage ditch next to the parking lot. It was barely visible above the green gunk but it was there and Ross, being the gentleman he is, carefully retrieved it for me.

It took three days of baking it in the hot car in the Florida sunshine to get it to dry out. It did however, retain the green hue of the algae. I caught up with the glasses wearing Hilton and got it autographed as well.


I also found Richardson’s hit interesting as hit hit it about the same place that Chase Utley did last year when Chase was here in rehab. (Yes, I have that ball as well, though it stopped short of going in the water.)

Pitchers Delight

This is one of those days where you just can’t be everywhere at once. There were three games going on all at once making it difficult to get the coverage in pictures.

That aside, I did snap a few shots.

Antonio Bastardo started in the game between AAA and AA Phillies teams.


At the same time on the other side of the complex, Ricky Bielski, a RHP who usually closes started the game and pitched two shutout innings.

And back on Schmidt Field, Ranfi Casimiro was on the mound. Casimiro, an intimidating 6’8″, started a little shaky, but steadily improved through three innings. I overheard two coaches discussing him and they seemed pleased, noting that he had “changed his angle (of his throwing arm) and was looking good.”


Casimiro seemed pretty happy with his outing, leaving the field with a grin.

All in all, it was a great day for baseball.

The Benefits of Being a Local-Watching Major League Pitchers–for FREE

As you know, Baseball Ross and I sold our house up North and moved here to Clearwater, there’s a lot of benefits but one I like is that we can go to the Carpenter Complex thinking we’re just going to watch “the Kids” and get to see Major League talent.

Today was just one of those days. We very nearly didn’t come as it was raining right until we left the house but the sun and the stars came out.

Today it was Kyle Kendrick and Carlos Ruiz.



It’s hard to watch intra squad games like they are playing in today…what happens is the team with Kendrick and Ruiz start off an inning like you’d expect, but the other team starts each inning in “a situation”. For example, runners at first and third or first and second. Score is not really kept and it’s more for practice than a “game”.

Day One of Minor League Games

Today was one of those days where I never seemed to stop moving. I got up this morning and had to run to the store, my laptop memory was less than 12 MB from being completely full, something that would keep me from downloading all my spring training photos for Ross and I to use for out blogs. So down to Clearwater I went to pick up a new 1TB external drive for only my pictures.

Just because in so dedicated, I stopped by the Carpenter Complex and picked up the latest workgroup sheet. (If you missed it you can click HERE to review it.

From there Ross and I had to vote before we jumped in the car and headed up to the Blue Jays complex, Englebert Field. Here, both Low A and High A were playing. As there were two games going on at the same time I’ll just point out some of the things I saw:

Feliberto Sanchez pitched two innings and had some movement on the ball, hitting the corners.

Deivy Grullon catching.

Tyler Viza threw a burner.

JP Crawford first laid down a textbook bunt then scored on a single.bin this picture he’s about to take ball four for a walk.

This was something amazing, watching an osprey fly over the fields with a large fish in his talons, he came to land on the light standard between the fields.


It was hard to tell the score as one field did not have a working score board and the game with the scoreboard ended before the other so I missed the final. Oh well, I still saw some really good things and had some fun in the sun! Isn’t that what baseball is all about?

Phillies Minor League Workgroup List-Updated as of 3/10/2014

This morning the updated workgroup listing for the Phillies minor league camp was released:


There’s always something to see

One of the best things about living here is you never know what or who you might see. This morning, Baseball Ross and I walked downtown in Dunedin and on the way home walked right by Blue Jay R.A. Dickey.

Since we had some things that had to be done around the house we were a little late getting to the Carpenter Complex. When we got there, we found that the minor leaguers were given the afternoon off. We decided to go to the Phillies game. We were in luck, one of our favorite parking lot attendants was running errands in the golf cart and he offered us a ride up to Bright House! This was especially nice since we’re were running so late we had to park almost a mile away.

We walked around taking in the sights.


The Phanatic was there as well


We saw Ruben Amarro, Jr. In the crowd, though I had to move after taking this shot:


While the game was kind of a bust, we did get to see some amazing pitching from Kenny Giles:

What was really cool was that Baseball Ross caught a foul ball and not just any foul ball…Kenny Giles throws close to 100mph so when the Braves’ Constanza fouled one back it hit a seat and zoomed up at us! Baseball Ross reached up over his head and snagged it! He looked like a pro!

If you look at the ball, you can see the black paint from the bat and the blue from the seat embedded on the ball:

We then walked a little over a mile to the car and called it a day. By the time we walked downtown in Dunedin for dinner and walked the dogs, we had covered over five miles. Whew!