A Happy Ending

I haven’t had a chance to write much lately, but I wanted to write about one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me.

It was the last day of the Gulf Coast League and I had a baseball card that I wanted to get signed. Nick Ferdinand had been playing with the Clearwater Threshers when they had their cardset made but now Nick was coaching the GCL Phillies. I had talked to him and he said he’d be glad to sign it.

So there I was after the last game waiting where the players and coaches walk to the locker room so I could meet Nick. That was when the amazing thing happened.

After sitting out in the miserable heat for nearly every home game all summer, I was on a head nod, “how are you”/”como estas”, handshake familiarity level with the majority of the players, but what happened next just amazed me.  As I stood there waiting for Nick, almost every player came over to me and either: shook my hand, hugged me or even kissed me on the cheek! It was amazing!

It was so wonderful to know that these guys appreciated that I had been there watching all summer. Ok, most of the cheek kisses came from recipients of my somewhat famous chocolate chip cookies, but I digress.

It was almost like the ending to one of those 80’s teen movies where the hero accomplishes their goal and the others do the famous “slow clap of appreciation”.  They probably didn’t realize how much it meant to me, but it meant a lot.

I miss those kids.


GCL Photos- Nieves, Ruf and Dykstra

It’s a scorcher here in Clearwater. Those of us brave enough to sit out in the heat and humidity were treated to a pair of major leaguers on rehab, Wil Nieves and Darren Ruf. We were also able to see Luke Dykstra, son of Lenny Dykstra play for the Braves.