The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Pinellas County

Ok, I may not be Mark Twain, but today’s story of the Phillies baseball game does involve a jumping frog. Baseball Ross, our visiting friend, B and I managed to snag seats in the front row along the third base side. It was a beautiful sunny day, one of the best in a long while. […]

Could it be Victorino?????

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that there is a greater chance of the Phils being able to move Shane Victorino, with the Reds, Dodgers and Yankees reportedly showing interest. What will Rabid Ruben do today? What mayhem will he cause and how will it affect the Phils… I think he knows that with […]

Chase Utley dressed and on the field at extended spring training

Pulled up to extended Spring Training today and got here just in time to see Utley bat. Afterwards he went to sit and I noticed Jim Thome (in shorts and a T-shirt) watching his friend. Utley is running the bases. He is looking good, no hitch in his run…doesn’t seem to be in pain You […]

Drew Naylor pitches in extended spring training

We are a few weeks into the extended spring training and we still haven’t manage to get our hands on a schedule. It’s hit or miss as to whether we will come by the Carpenter Complex and get to catch a game. Today, we were lucky, VERY lucky. We got to see Aussie Drew Naylor […]

De Fratus, De Layed

Today was the day pitcher Justin De Fratus was to return to the mound to continue his rehab. Unfortunately, it appears that it will not happen today. For the first time in weeks we have had a substantial rain shower. Additionally, the National Weather Service was calling for heavy showers and the potential for thunder […]

Final Tune-Ups for Lakewood and Clearwater

It really wasn’t publicized and by the size of the crowd, or lack thereof, that was obvious. I found out from a friend on Facebook of all places…The price for the last tune up before Lakewood leaves for Greenville South Carolina was right too…FREE. There was roughly a hundred people at Brighthouse and we were […]

Ok, so my “time off” is short…

LOL…I just posted in my blog review of Eric Pettis’ book, Just A Minor Perspective: Through The Eyes of a Minor League Rookie, that I was trying to find something to do waiting for the season to start… FOUND IT! Tonight there is a game between the Threshers and the Phillies who are still here for extended […]