Hurricane Preparations: Irma-We are STAYING

Just an update: Baseball Ross and I are NOT in an evacuation zone and will not be leaving. (Even though we got the kindest offer to stay with our favorite Canadian Blogger–which is highly appreciated!)

We are outside the recommended evacuation zones and frankly, I-75 has been a parking lot since they announced the evacuations of the Keys so there really is no where to go.

So as of today, we have cases of water, half of it frozen, food, puppy food for the girls and every other conceivable supply. We went shopping on Monday so we got everything including filling both cars with gas. We have solar panel chargers for phones and back up batteries, a back up battery for the router/modem, computers and all can be charged by solar once the sun comes back out.

The last forecast for us was high winds around 50 mph and 3-5 inches of rain. Not horrible as long as IRMA keeps to the east. If she comes west, it’s a different story. Our house was built to the most current hurricane standards, windows and doors can withstand 130 mph and we have steel rods bolted into the foundation rebar that go through our walls all the way to the top and the roof is bolted on to them. We are out of the 100 year flood plain and we aren’t even required to have flood insurance! (Though we do because, hello, this is Florida.)

I will keep posting on my “adventure” channel GoneWithTheGail and will post on that twitter as well. (@GoneWithTheGail).

In the meantime, keep Florida and especially it’s east coast in your prayers.

Stay safe my Friends, stay safe.

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