Questions About Team Roster Announcements


Front Office Personnel

This weekend has been the most tense weekend of spring training, it’s the weekend when the decisions are made as to which team each player is assigned or if they are released.

As evidenced by the picture above, Phillies front office personnel have been watching intently. The players have been swinging for the fences-we have seen AT LEAST eight home runs this weekend alone.

After speaking with the players, they all say, “soon” and “by the end of the week”.  

While there another workgroup lists/rosters be released before then? Probably not. Usually th way we find out is to come the day they break camp and watch the players load their equipment into trucks labeled with the destination on it. For accuracy, we are stuck waiting for the teams to update the rosters on the websites.

As someone lucky enough to get to know these kids, it’s a hard week. It’s such a roller coaster, some guys move up, some stay at the same level and some sadly are released. It’s also hard to see them go, as we don’t know if we will get to see them until next year. 

For me, the best part is to see those guys who are moving up-they always have a look of promise on their faces. That is what I wait for all month. The look of accomplishment that makes it all worth while.


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