Phillies Beat Canadian National Jr Team 6-2

When you look at the headline you may be amazed, but the important thing is what the score doesn’t say. Today the Phillies “prospects” team some of whom have just started their 6th professional season and are in their early 20s while the eldest Canadian is only 18. The score doesn’t matter, it’s how hard they played, the heart, they never stopped playing.

I enjoyed watching the game, just for the joy of watching them play in a game that will not count or be remembered except those who enjoyed the game.

Here I share a few pictures of the day:


Jose Taveras

Jose stuck out 3 in his inning.


Ismael Cabrera

As did Ismael Cabrera.


Felix Paulino

Did not give up any runs, a strong inning.


Deivi Grullon

Deivi Grullon made a stand and kept them from scoring.


Josh Tobias

Josh Tobias had a triple into the wind.

It was a good day for baseball.


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