Dinner with a Side of Support

Yesterday, we spent part of the day with one of our baseball sons. We told him he could pick anywhere to go for lunch and he immediately names this little place not far from the hotels where the players stay. 

I had been there once last summer when the player that stayed with us wanted to get dinner after a game. I hadn’t eaten there that day but he knew the owners and even though they stop making sandwiches in the evening (they sell mostly pizza late) they made him his chicken sandwich.

So yesterday, when they saw my son they were excited to see him back. While we were waiting for the food, the owner came out to introduce herself.  She told me they opened the restaurant the year many of the boys started playing.

She told me that they do everything they can to help the boys out, they make sure they get something to eat, drink and support them. This is incredibly important since many of the youngest players did not get large signing bonuses and money can be tight.

She also insists that non-English speakers speak English so that they practice. She and her husband also took great pride in telling me how they push the boys to be the best they can. 
Most amazingly, she told me she remembered me bringing in our other friend last year. Now that is great service!

It’s also nice to know that there are other people helping these young players make their way. I also know where I’m going to eat more often, supporting the people who support my player friends.

So if you’re in Clearwater, be sure to stop at Maggio’s in the plaza on Drew Street by US 19, help those who help our young players. Who knows, you might run into a future super star!



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