One of My Favorite Days

I was so excited I could hardly sleep last night. The thought of getting to see my friends and two of our “baseball sons” made it like Christmas morning.

We got to the field at 10 only to find that the young guys had been out for a while. (This is different from previous years.) 

We saw several of our friends as they took a water break. Then Ross and I watched the Phillies as they took BP before boarding the bus to Dunedin. 

Later, the position players started trickling out for their warm ups as the pitchers were cleaning up and getting ready to head out. I found a good spot and managed to say hello to all of my friends and then two of my sons! 


Elniery Garcia and I
Ranfy Casimiro, Betsy and Elniery Garcia
Nothing makes me happier than getting a chance to spend time with my sons. 

I’ve studied my Spanish over the winter and surprised many of my Dominican and Venezuelan friends with my acquisition of some key phrases. 

It was a good day. I feel like that part of my life that was missing is back. Tomorrow I might actually remember to take pictures. 

It really was a great day.


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