Answering Some Questions About the Minor League Work Group List

Earlier today I published a copy of the list the Phillies minor league work groups. This brought a bout a slew of questions over my various social media accounts. I don’t bought I’d answer the three most common ones.

Which list is which team?

The first team on the left would be Lehigh Valley, then Reading, then Clearwater, and Lakewood. A Fifth column may be added for the extended spring/Williamspot team as spring training draws to a close.

Why isn’t player X on the list?
If player X is spending time at the major league camp, like Logan Moore, JP Crawford, Roman Quinn among others, they will not be on the minor league list…yet. As the dates of the MLB team cutting down the roster come and go, the players will filter down onto the work group list. Which will cause a cascade, for example, when/if Andrew Knapp goes down, he will take a spot on the work group list, the player whose spot he takes will move down a level, causing that player to move down and so on.

Hey! My favorite player is in the column for Lehigh Valley! That’s great!

My response is, not so fast. As explained in the question above, as players are cut from major league camp, they filter down to the lower levels. So this list must be taken with a grain of salt. Likewise, I’ve seen players be in the “Clearwater” column start the season in Reading. It is very fluid and no one really knows where a player will go until they are handed their plane ticket.

As players trickle down, they release new work group lists. In the past, there hasn’t been any set day/time when they are released to the public. Some years, Ross and I have had to make our own lists based simply on who we see working out with which group. Please note I check for the work group lists on a regular basis and I will post them as I get them.

If you think of any other questions about the work group lists, feel free to ask them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

 To see the list, click HERE. 

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