Ryan Howard Shines, Featherston Flies, Galvis Focuses as Spring Training Continues

Today it was almost like Ryan Howard was putting on a showcase. He looks good slimmer and more ready for the season than I’ve ever seen him.    He looks sharp and has obviously worked out in the off season.       Newcomer Taylor Featherston didn’t want to be outdone and he flew through the […]

Day 5 Spring Training 2016

Today was beautiful, it was 79 and sunny. It was almost hot with how intense the sun was, but if the weatherman is right, by Thursday we will be missing it as it’s expected to only 61. So I found a few places in the sun and observed today’s action:              […]

Quick How-To Guide  to Spring Training

   While there is no “one way” to do spring training, here are a few helpful hints to make enjoying Phillies Spring Training easy: Wear comfortable shoes. If you park at Lot A next to the Carpenter Complex, it’s grass.  To walk into Carpenter  and  then out and around to Brighthouse is around half a […]

Day 4 of Spring Training 2016

It’s another beautiful day here in Baseball Land. The sun is shining, the grass is green, the orange and palm trees sway…oh wait, Irving Berlin wrote that for White Christmas, but it is fitting here today.The cold weather is gone and it’s a picture perfect day. Pitchers had throwing from the mound and catchers are […]

Day 2 of Spring Training 2016

Today was a beautiful as yesterday. Highs in the 70s, tons of sun-just a picture postcard kind of day. Pitchers and catchers did drills and had batting practice. There’s not much you can say, but the pictures tell the story:  Pop-up drills: the focus was to get rid of the mask and then catch the […]