Ryan Howard’s House-Still a Work in Progress-After Almost Four Years

Happy Labor Day!  And who deserves a holiday more than the hard working people still laboring on Ryan Howard’s 17,500 square foot home.

The home on Gulf Boulevard in Belleair Shore, has beach access, a lazy river and according to The Tampa Bay Times, “$80,000 worth of doorknobs”. Current property records estimate the value of the property is listed in the tax records at $9 million.

Back in February of 2014, I posted pictures of the house in a blog, you can read it HERE.

Today, Baseball Ross and I went for a drive by the Howard Manse. We were surprised that it was still obviously unfinished. Granted, most of the unfinished work was on a second parcel of land that Howard acquired from a neighbor who sold reportedly because they didn’t want to live next to a “tourist attraction”.

So here’s some pictures I took for your curiosity:








Derrick Mitchell Shines in Debut

For long time fans, here is an update. On former Pharm Hand Derrick Mitchell:

The first kickoff was just short of the end zone and was run back-Derrick made the tackle!
The other 4 kick-offs (as of the middle of the 4th quarter) were all to the end zone! The fourth actually went through the end zone, what a leg!

He’s really doing well and I am so happy for him!
(All photos courtesy of ESPN U)

Derrick Mitchell-Second Chance for Success

If you’ve been a fan of Phillies minor league teams for any length of time, you’ll remember Derrick Mitchell. (Here’s my favorite story about him)

Mitchell was drafted directly from high school and played eight years in the Phillies system before playing one year in the Braves system. Derrick was the first player Ross and I got to know, he remains a favorite and even more special, we are friends.

Mitchell was a two sport athlete in high school so when he went to college, he tried out for football and made the team!  Here’s an article about him.

So tonight, I’ll be at home watching my friend on ESPN U (at 7) watching Derrick and Western Michigan take on Michigan.


Phillies Fall Instructional League Roster and Schedule

This just in…the Phillies Fall Instructional League roster and schedule! Scheduled to appear is the newly acquired 4 million dollar man, Jhailyn Ortiz. Please note: this is NOT the final roster there may be additions or subtractions.

Also released was the schedule…it is highly reduced from previous years. This is the final version of the schedule.


So there you go…have fun and I hope to see you there!