Sometimes It’s Hard to be a Fan

In the wake of General manager Ruben Amaro Jr.’s “BitchAndMoanGate”, there is further evidence that the organization cares little about their fans. Today, for at the least fourth time this season, the time or place of the Extended Spring Training game was changed. This does not include weather-related changes.

As I mentioned before, it’s already difficult to be a fan of these games. They “usually” take place at 1 (during the week), it’s the hottest part of the day and there is little shade. If you hide in the shade against one of the buildings, you have to concede the cooling breeze.

They do not count towards any records so sometimes there may be two outs per inning, or there maybe five outs and inning, it’s all up to the coaches.

They also do not publish the schedule online. The only way to find out when the games are is to stop by the front office at the Carpender complex and ask the secretary for a copy of the  schedule, a paper schedule. That we did, at the beginning of the season but they haven’t been sticking to it as of late. Yesterday,  they were scheduled to play the Bradenton  Pirates at home at one, however, when we got there just before one no one was there. Turns out they flipped the schedule and were playing in Bradenton.

So today we go to the field because the schedule said that they were playing the Pirates today at one, we get there at 12:45 and they are already at the bottom of the eighth inning. For some arbitrary reason, they started early. A friend of ours said that they told him yesterday they will be revising the schedule and it would be available today, but when we went to the office it was locked so we weren’t able to get a copy.

I understand that there are not a lot of people that go to these games, but those of us that do are loyal fans we truly care about these kids. How hard would it be for them to have either a Facebook or Twitter account where they could just announce today’s game is at home or away at noon or 1 o’clock? I often have people ask how do you know where the games are what time and my responses your guess is as good as mine.

It’s so frustrating. If you’ve been reading my blog you know how much I care about these kids–it makes me feel bad when I tell them I will show up to watch them play and I end up missing it because they switch up the schedule without rhyme or reason. If I didn’t care about the kids so much I would just give up.

So don’t think I’ve given up covering extended spring training, I’m trying,it’s just that they’re not making it very easy.


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