A Blog From The Heart

There’s a lot to look forward to with Spring Training coming next week, however, there is something worth mentioning, the players that won’t be there.

Baseball Ross and I have had the privilege of getting to know many of the young players and a few of those who have been around a while. We have even been lucky enough to call many of them friends (If you’ve gotten cookies from me, you know you’re special.) Sadly, some won’t be back this year. Some didn’t heal well from an injury, or were traded, or were released.

What I’d want them to know, they’re not forgotten. While I’m looking forward to Spring Training, there are a few faces that I will truly miss and it will feel like there are little holes where they used to be.

Sadly, baseball is a business so things change and this is the hard part about being involved with the younger players, there is no tenure. While the rewards are great watching the young ones succeed, I’ve cried over a few that are no longer with the team.

So this blog is for them. Just a note on Valentine’s Day (ok, it’s the day after but the inspiration came before midnight) that they are still in my heart and I do miss my friends where ever they are.



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