T-Minus 10 days until Pitchers and Catchers Report


Counting down to the day when pitchers and catchers report…

I’m looking forward to getting back with it. I miss the days of always having baseball to watch, first MLB Spring Training, then MiLB Spring Training, then MiLB Extended Spring Training, then Florida State League, then Gulf Coast League and finally Fall Instructional League.

I mean, Ross and I guesstimate that we saw close to 200 baseball games, if you include just the above and ignore all the games we watched on television. That’s a lot of baseball!

Along the way, we made friends and gained three, “sons”. We will have so much to do once baseball begins. In the meantime, I’m cleaning my camera, getting new media for it, prepping my website (already done BaseballBetsy.com), working on some surprises and getting all my memorabilia ready to be signed.

Baseball Ross and I plan to be at the Carpenter Complex as much as we can and have tickets to four MLB games, though, that may increase depending on if any of our MiLB friends get called up to play, we wouldn’t miss that!

So hang in there my friends, it’s almost time!


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