There’s an end in sight

As I’ve mentioned earlier in the summer I’ve been dealing with a bad case of “Tennis Elbow” that’s made my blogging and photography difficult and painful. I’ve done the best I could, but last week, it was too much.

With a trip to urgent care, there was more, the discovery of a “bone growth” in the elbow where the nerves pass. A simple explanation for a painful condition.

I talked to some friends and was recommended to a local practice. It was large and when I called, the appointment setter lined me up with their best “sports injury” guy.

Turns out this sports blogger is going to be seeing the doctor for the Toronto Blue Jays and Dunedin Blue Jays. It’s like the lines have blurred.

Better yet, he must be good if he can be trusted with million-dollar arms, he should do a wonderful job on my $1.98 arm, right?

I feel like I won the lottery, first I go to R.A. Dickey’s hair stylist, now the team doctor! What’s next? A seat on the team bus? (Please?)

So cross your fingers and hopefully we will have a plan of action soon.

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