Prospect top 20 list

For the second year, Baseball Ross and I were asked to participate in Mike Drago’s poll of the top 20 prospects in the Phillies minor league system.

This year was especially interesting since we had journeyed 3,200 miles this summer to se all the teams. This is our list:

1. JP Crawford
2. Jesse Biddle (He was beyond amazing in his return)
3. Miguel Franco
4. Roman Quinn
5. Aaron Nola
6. Deivi Grullon
7. Matt Imhof
8. Andrew Knapp
9. Dylan Cozens
10. Brandon Leibrant
11. Cord Sandberg
12. Yoel Mecias
13. Kelly Dugan
14. Aaron Brown
15. Cameron Perkins
16. Aaron Altherr
17. Zach Green
18. Colin Klevin
19. Miguel Nunez
20. Jordan Guth

To compare our list to the final poll you can visit Mitch Rupert’s article where he quotes Drago’s article and also has prior years’ lists for comparison. You can read it HERE


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