What a Whirlwind!

Baseball Ross and I are winding up our crazy trip north today. It’s been full of good things, friends family and baseball.

We flew 1,000 miles from Florida to Harrisburg, Pa, where we stayed as a central point to our travels. Our schedule was something like this:

Monday-State College (for Crosscutters)
Tuesday-Lehigh Valley

But wait! There’s more!

That’s right! Friday we will wind up with a Gulf Coast League Phillies game at noon and a Threshers game at 7…we will have seen every Phillies Pharm team in 8 days and travelled over 3,200 miles–1,200 by car!

I have tons of pictures to download and plan to recap the games and facilities once I arrive home.

It’s worth mentioning that flying from St. Pete/Clearwater to Harrisburg was awesome! No lines and no hassle!

Right now, Ross and I are checking out of the hotel and making a stop at Chocolate World on the way to the airport…because no trip north is complete without fresh chocolate!


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