Nichols Knuckles?

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll have noticed my new obsession, the knuckleball.

Today, I got to see the Phillies’ own (extended spring training anyway) Chris Nichols throw his knuckleball. From the rumors I’ve heard, he’s only been doing it for a few months.

The last time I saw Nichols throw his knuckleball, I had missed most of his inning, and had only seen a few pitches, not enough to make a judgement. Today, I got to see his entire inning.

Here’s some video, you can see when the knuckleball works (and doesn’t)

Nichols’ Knuckle

While Nichols’ grip is similar to Frank Viola III’s (he’s the pitcher it profiled earlier), his delivery is just slightly different:


In this next sequence, you can see the positions in order:





A few of his knuckleballs really moved well. He seems to be progressing with it. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, where he ends up and when.

I know I’ll be watching.


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