It was the Worst of Times, it was the Best of Times

Yesterday I wrote about an ongoing problem I’ve been fighting. It started about a month ago when I had googled one of my favorite players and clicked “images”. I noticed that there was one of my pictures with an autograph on it. When I clicked it was MY picture and it had been printed and autographed and it was being SOLD!

I was being sold by an autograph firm so I emailed them and then called them. The owner claimed that he had bought the pictures as “blank” and didn’t know they were stolen. I explained that if that was the case, I’d like the name of the person he bought them from. He hemmed and hawed and claimed that he didn’t have it any more. I let him know that he did not have my permission to sell my work and that it was my copyrighted intellectual property.

Begrudgingly he agreed to remove it from his site. Ten minutes later, I found he also had it for sale on eBay. I again emailed him and informed him that picture would have to be removed as well. I thought this was the end of it.

Yesterday, I googled and there the same guy was selling it on eBay again! I again, informed him that it was copyright infringement and that I was contacting eBay for violation of copyright. He took it down.

It was then that a friend found it on another company’s site. I called them and they could not have been nicer. I explained the situation and they even removed the listing right then and there. I asked who the supplier was…and it was the first guy!

Needless to say I had my faith in people shaken.

Then after I posted about the changes to my site, my readers came to my rescue…with moral support, suggestions, introductions to people who may be able to help and to others who are familiar with this guy.

It is a great comfort to know I have friends on my side and I thank everyone who has reached out to this little blogger. Know that you turned my day around and helped restore my faith and know there still are good people out there.

I also want to reiterate to the “gentleman” selling my work, I am a computer geek-housewife with insomnia so I have plenty of time to keep watching and make sure you can’t sell my work. Believe me I am watching. 🙂


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