It was the Worst of Times, it was the Best of Times

Yesterday I wrote about an ongoing problem I’ve been fighting. It started about a month ago when I had googled one of my favorite players and clicked “images”. I noticed that there was one of my pictures with an autograph on it. When I clicked it was MY picture and it had been printed and autographed and it was being SOLD!

I was being sold by an autograph firm so I emailed them and then called them. The owner claimed that he had bought the pictures as “blank” and didn’t know they were stolen. I explained that if that was the case, I’d like the name of the person he bought them from. He hemmed and hawed and claimed that he didn’t have it any more. I let him know that he did not have my permission to sell my work and that it was my copyrighted intellectual property.

Begrudgingly he agreed to remove it from his site. Ten minutes later, I found he also had it for sale on eBay. I again emailed him and informed him that picture would have to be removed as well. I thought this was the end of it.

Yesterday, I googled and there the same guy was selling it on eBay again! I again, informed him that it was copyright infringement and that I was contacting eBay for violation of copyright. He took it down.

It was then that a friend found it on another company’s site. I called them and they could not have been nicer. I explained the situation and they even removed the listing right then and there. I asked who the supplier was…and it was the first guy!

Needless to say I had my faith in people shaken.

Then after I posted about the changes to my site, my readers came to my rescue…with moral support, suggestions, introductions to people who may be able to help and to others who are familiar with this guy.

It is a great comfort to know I have friends on my side and I thank everyone who has reached out to this little blogger. Know that you turned my day around and helped restore my faith and know there still are good people out there.

I also want to reiterate to the “gentleman” selling my work, I am a computer geek-housewife with insomnia so I have plenty of time to keep watching and make sure you can’t sell my work. Believe me I am watching. 🙂

Big Changes Ahead and an Apology

It is with great sadness that I have begun to remove the majority of the photographs from my website and blog, at least temporarily. I started this blog for fun, for the friends and families of players and their fans who wanted to keep up with them. I HAVE NEVER charged anyone a fee for any picture on my site. I have always told players and their families that if they wanted a picture, to email me and I’ll send them a full-quality file for their use.

It has come to my attention that an autograph dealer has STOLEN my photos, had them autographed and is selling them for profit. I have never granted anyone permission to use my work for profit. NEVER. It makes me SICK to think of this low-life stealing my work for money. More importantly, after I caught him the first time and he “apologized”, he posted the same picture for sale a month later.

So, I will be deleting my pictures and will eventually replace them here with ones with lower quality and a water mark.

I’m sorry but it has to be that way.

If I was in this for the money I would have:

  • a) sold them myself
  • b) would have put ads on my site
  • c) never given them to friends and family for free

I am truly sick to my stomach that some one would steal my work, but it won’t happen again.

Which brings me to the following:

All photographs, videos and material on this site are copyright protected by Baseball Betsy, any unauthorized use without my expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.

Finally, I will be deleting all these pictures over the next few days and will eventually replace them if time allows. The articles will remain. I suppose my photos were the only things worth stealing, lol. Actually, that was a bad attempt at a joke. It’s not funny. I’m really kinda depressed over this. It makes me doubt the quality of “men”.

And to the “gentleman” who has been selling my work…please note, I’m a computer nerd, I’ll keep searching and working to make sure you can’t list that photo for sale and will report you EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU DO. Also know, I am a housewife with insomnia, I have a lot of free time to do this. AND I WILL.

It is the Spring of my Discontent

To paraphrase Steinbeck (and badly at that), it is the spring of my discontent. I love baseball, I do, but I’m so frustrated with it, so discontent.

There’s so many reasons…almost too many to count, but I’ll try.

1. The injury bug bit early, often and viciously. Roman Quinn, Jiwan James, Cole Hamels, Ethan Martin, Cameron Rupp, Kelly Dugan, Tommy Joseph, Mitch Walding, Adam Morgan, Hugo Arrocha, Josh Warner, Steven Inch, Nic Hanson, Chase Numata, Cory Bass, Darin Ruf, Rivar Angulo, Delvy Francisco, Mike Adams, Chris Bootcheck, Yoel Mecias, Anthony Phillips, Colin Klevin, Hoby Milner, Ryan Demmin, Aaron Altherr, Larry Greene, Zach Green, Brandon Short, Drew Anderson, Freddy Galvis, Andres Blanco and Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez. These are the guys I can think of right off the top of my head! While some of them have returned or are scheduled to return, there are still others that have no timeframe for return.

2. It’s barely a month into the season and Tyson Gillies was suspended for three games for destroying a bat rack in the clubhouse. To me this is a symptom of a larger problem, both with Gillies and the entire system. Gillies is developing a reputation as a guy with anger management issues. Another example happened just two weeks ago here in Florida. Kevin Walter was unhappy with the way things were going during a game in Tampa. He left the field, stormed into the locker room behind the dugout and from where I was sitting I could hear him swearing and a loud thump as if something was either thrown or a table tipped over. Just after that another Thresher player came out of the locker room with a worried look on his face. He stopped another player from going into the locker room saying “You DON’T want to go in there!”

It also is a symptom of how players (and fans) are frustrated with the lack of production and success in the organization. (Read on to number 3 for an example.)

3. The lack of wins. The records speak for themselves:

Phillies 13-12
Iron Pigs 11-13
Fightins 11-10
Threshers 5-19
Lakewood 7-16

Of the five teams currently playing in the organization, only TWO are above .500 and both of those teams are only ONE GAME over.

4. Misusing players. I have a prime example of this and it’s the one that had me totally stymied. Last season, there was only ONE Gold Glove winner in the entire Phillies system, Carlos Alonso. Carlos played 2nd for the Threshers and only made TWO errors all YEAR. ALL YEAR. He was promoted to Reading (and rightly so) and where did they have this Gold Glove winning second baseman play? Third and THE OUTFIELD! Really?!? REALLY?!? I’d have loved to sit in on the coaches meeting where they thought up that gem.

5. Bad umpiring. Last night was the end-all, be-all of bad calls. If you read my Twitter feed last night, you could tell how I was seething. The Threshers had been losing (again) and had battled back and had the winning run was at the plate. Pete Lavin had homered earlier in the game to spark the comeback and had come close to a second homer after that. Lavin came to the plate and Bright House Field was buzzing with anticipation. One foul, two fouls, three fouls, four fouls, it was easy to see that Lavin was pushing hard to be the hero. On the final call he checked his swing and from where Ross and I were sitting (and I later confirmed with another season ticket holder with another point of view) we did NOT see him break his wrists and the bat head did not cross the plate. The home plate ump called him out and didn’t even call the base ump to confirm! The game was over! Lavin was livid. If you know Pete, you know he rarely says anything to an ump, he’s fairly laid back. Last night, Lavin walked after the ump to discuss the call. The ump just walked away.

At that point, Nelson Prada got involved. When he started he seemed more in disbelief that the home plate ump didn’t even check with the base ump. I was just turning to leave when I heard Prada go ballistic! (While I am “censoring” this he used the full words) “That’s F*ing BS! That’s a F*ing BS call!”

I have to say, I was right there with Prada. While I’ve been known to occasionally heckle an ump and sitting behind home is great for that, I do not swear. There’s kids and it’s just not “proper”. Last night was the closest I’ve ever come to losing my cool and joining Prada with F-bombing the ump. My blood boiled! To end a game on a bogus call and not even check with the base ump when the winning run was at the plate was just bogus. I was so frustrated and angry. It took me a good hour after the game to cool off. I don’t think I’ve ever been that angry at a game.

I must admit I’m still sort of angry, angry and discontent enough that if Ethan Stewart and Colin Kelvin (returning from the DL) were not pitching today and tomorrow, I wouldn’t go.

If you want to see me try to decide if I’ll go tonight, watch this video, it’s pretty accurate as to how I’m feeling…

Starting Thursday, the Threshers are on the road, so I’ll get a break then, but man, I’ll be dragging myself in tonight. It’ll almost be like trying to drag myself into work on a “Monday morning”.

Let’s hope that Stewart and Kleven use this misfortune as a jumping off point so that we do not end the first month of the season with only 5 wins. If they do, we would be on pace to go 25-115 (assuming they’d continue with winning 5 games a month).

Video of Deivy Grullon Batting and catching

Tonight was the first time Deivy Grullon was in the line up for the Clearwater Threshers.

I have below a quick snippet of him catching:
Deivy Grullon catching

And video of his first hit…and yes I am the screaming fool, lol

Deivy’s first hit

Hard to “Hear” Jeff Francoeur Tricked Into Thinking Teammate Deaf

I was perusing my Facebook account today (Betsy Baseballe) and saw that “Jeff Francoeur” was trending. I clicked the link and was amused as to why…

Francoeur was recently signed to AAA El Paso Chihuahuas. It started as a off the cuff joke and ended up being a month-long prank. Teammates convinced Francoeur that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf. Reyes was able to play the part…for the entire month.  It’s HILARIOUS and to his credit, Francoeur took it well…The video the team made is fun. It’s a little over seven minutes, but it might just be the best seven minutes of your day. Click below to watch:

Jeff Francoeur…On Deaf Ears

Why I Love Baseball in Dunedin

While my first love will always be the Phillies, I must admit that my new hometown Dunedin Blue Jays have stolen a piece of my heart.

While Dunedin is surrounded by Clearwater and it’s sprawl, Dunedin has managed to keep the feel of a small town. There are no chain stores or restaurants down town and everything is walkable…including the ballpark. Florida Auto Exchange Stadium is just five blocks from the center of downtown.

It’s a small stadium but it does fill a good part of what makes my hometown special. Where I live, just a few blocks from the stadium, there are Dunedin Blue Jays banners.


It just ties the stadium into the surrounding neighborhoods. I love living where I do, I can sit on my front porch and listen to the game, not on the radio, but wafting on the warm Florida breeze. When there are fireworks, I don’t have to move from my easy chair in the living room, I can see them from there.

With Dunedin being so much smaller, you also get the benefit of knowing the staff, having them welcome you back as you pass through the gates or come up to the concession stand. It’s almost like the old TV show, “Cheers” it’s a place where “everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.”

Ross and I found our house because we got lost on the way to a Phillies and Jays spring training game. Not only did we find our home because of baseball in Dunedin, we fell in love with our new hometown because of baseball.

There’s no other place I’d rather live.